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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Completely Hughes-Less...

QPR 0-1 Fulham

Pavel Pogrebnyak's 7th minute strike was enough for the visitors as QPR succumbed to yet another frustrating and disappointing defeat at Loftus Road - helped in no way by debutant, Samba Diakete's red card on 32 minutes.

Due to our earlyish F.A.Cup exit, we had a free weekend last Saturday and following our many disappointing results, the QPR team were rewarded with a week in Portugal at a training camp/team bonding week - I know what I would get if I under performed at work...

From what we heard all over the internet, the week went very well. But there were also alledged stories of a player headbutting another and also suprised me somewhat that Macheda was tweeting about his triumph in the head tennis tournament? - well, that will get us out of the shit won't it? Harsh? Maybe...

So, with the players refreshed, we were eagerly awaiting the game and surely Rangers would be looking to gain revenge for the 6-0 defeat earlier this season? There was also plenty of interest from the Fulham supporters, with the Mark Hughes, Bobby Zamora thing and also their chance to continue to gloat. So much so, the A-Z's were dusted off and an extremely rare, large Fulham following were in attendance. It must have been heart warming for their players to run out to a more or less full away end. Normal service will be no doubt be resumed for their game at Villa in March...

Anyway, moving onto the game, and as mentioned in the opening paragraph, Fulham won, 1-0.

QPR: Kenny, Diakite, Hill, Taarabt, Mackie, Barton, Wright-Phillips (Buzsaky 83), Taiwo (Traore 72), Ferdinand, Onuoha, Zamora. Subs: Cerny, Derry, Gabbidon, Bothroyd, Smith.

Man of the Match - little discussion amongst a very disappointed gang. There were mentions of Clint Hill from Jess, Corp and Smithy respectively and PK at first mentioned Ferdinand. But as always, we go with the majority, which was from myself, Jenson, Sam(who after the match, said she would like to kick every one of those ***** in the head!), Luke, Lee and California Hoop, the award from this one is N/A.

Ok, this may be a tad controversial but I haven't dwelled too much on the match itself. But basically, when I see little heart, desire or passion from the players out there, it hardly inspires my enthusiasm either. Clint Hill, Adel Taarabt and Jamie Mackie were the only ones, in my opinion, that came out of today's game with any credit. What is the common denomenator with these three? They were last year's players and it seems at the moment that when at a time where the players need to stand up and be counted, it is the ones that helped get us into the Premier League in the first place, that are doing so.

Mark Hughes today, got this one wrong and playing with just one striker at home was extremely surprising, especially as Zamora is hardly a player that suits that particular role. We are looking for a leader, is Joey Barton up to the task? He certainly isn't letting his football do the talking and certainly not the in the way he talks on twitter. SWP is in my opinion, a good player, but is completely shot of confidence and his hideous miss with 8 minutes to go, to me is the result of that. Paddy Kenny is the shadow of the keeper he was last season and it is becoming more and more obvioius as weeks go by, that he just not communicate with his back four effectively, or if at all?

I come on these pages week after week, as does Lee and we do our best to not be too negative and look at the positive aspects of the performances. But sadly, with this one I just cannot defend them.

Anyway, today is done and we move on to Everton next week. Must win or must not lose? Anyone's guess but let's just hope that whatever it is, the message gets through to the players...

Come on You R'ssssssssss!!!


  • At 9:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well put... Pretty much my sentiments.

  • At 10:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree that last seasons players
    are proving to be more consistent & committed compared to the "new buys".
    Compared to the Championship team we now have a real ragbag collection of players with no sense of pulling together.
    I was against the Warnock sacking and am even more so now. It will be gut wrenching to see him get Leeds promoted while we go down after only one season at the top.
    I just dont want to go to anymore games as it is all so depressing but I will be there for Everton in the vain hope that the bigger clubs will motivate the R,s.

  • At 11:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Disappointing, Cerny in goal next week please!!
    And why oh why did no one (particularly Mark Hughes) tell Samba Diakite that playing in the premiership that referee's are far less lenient. He plays in the African cup of nations and the refs over there just let the football play (which in my opinion is much more exciting), but surely someone must have told him "be careful with your tackles the ref's here will blow for anything". Then when he got the yellow, why not tell him not to even slide in, just mark closely.

    Loved what Shearer said on match of the day, he thinks we will survive. I doubt that very much with our winnable games disappearing and giving those 3 points to teams in the relegation battle with us.

  • At 11:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think you have been too kind in your appraisal of yesterdays debacle. Here is my brief summary:-
    Firstly the line up was too defensive for a must win home game.
    Secondly too many players were out of position. Clint Hill is a full back playing at Centre Half, Onouha is a Centre Half playing at full back SWP is a wide player playing too centrally Zamora needs a foil up front Traore is the best left sided player we have and was sat on the bench and Barton is a secretary and should be in the offices typing match reports.
    Thirdly everyone could see Diakite was going to get sent off except the Manager who should have saved him from himself minutes before.
    Lastly with only ten men we should have used our three subs to provide some fresh legs and impetus.
    Traore's appearance was forced and I'm sorry but if the Manager thinks Taiwo is a better full back then he is sadly misguided.
    I could go on because I am so angry and disappointed. I travel 406 miles for every home game and travel away too and yesterday was the first time I have EVER left a home match early to beat the traffic.
    The bloke behind me said yesterday that Barton is a disease and he's right - Barton slagged off Mackie right in front of us yesterday because Mackie chose to shoot rather than pass to him. Well Mr Club Captain if that's your style you'd better be able to back it up with some leadership and outstanding performances - but that won't happen because you are a talentless, selfish man who is sucking the life out me and out of this club. God I'm angry!!!!

  • At 1:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Been saying it for months, barton is not a leader. He has been poor and I think it shows how much work Faurlin did covering for bartons errors how we've struggled since his injury. Getting average defenders that couldn't get into their average sides has not helped. One bit that made me laugh yesterday was barton tried to dummy a player that was running at him with the ball with a side step movement. Obviously the player just strolled past him with ease. The spirit and fight of last season has gone. Is it a coincidence Newcastle shift on Barton and things improve dramatically there, he comes here and team morale is at an all time low on the pitch.

  • At 2:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You let yourself down with your far from prompt reporting. Underperformer :p :)

  • At 4:34 pm, Anonymous qpr58yrs said…

    if barton,philips,ferdenan watch their previous games then like us they would see why they were all not playing and let go. qpr pay alot of money for not a lot of talent or effort, please give us players that want to play for qpr and will give 100/00 percent every game. why can we not defend? everytime the tv shows a player who hasnt scored for years he will against us.
    i cannot belive that experiance managers do not buy quuality defenders and i agree that kenny is not playing like last season but then who is? so hard to get promotion just do not understand why theres no fight this season.
    lets bring the kids in at least we would get value for our money.

  • At 7:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mark huges says we have to pick up points, when did he realise that !. mastermind specialist subject stating the bloody obvious.

  • At 10:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Shocking .... None of the players are talking to each other, the back four actually look like they don't like each other or have any confidence in each other

    There's no fist clenching, geeing up of team mates. What the hell was Portugal about ?? Apparently a 10 man brawl at Harlington on their return, rumours there are three seperate factions in the first team dressing room, I use the word "team" very loosely by the way..

    Have to agree Hilly, Tarbs & Mackie looked like they were trying, as did SWP but as already stated by many he's sadly lacking any confidence at the business end of the park.

    Before we get relegated, it would be good to see the team we love get some spirit, show some passion (without getting set off !!)... Then the big time Charlies who are only here for the dosh can foxtrot oscar to the highest bidders next year !!

    From a season that promised so much ... This is a disgrace and an afront to the Blue & White Hoops

  • At 12:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Not missed a game this season, costs fortunes .. Put my job on the line, my relationship on line, my liver on the line ...

    When you cannot see the same commitment from SOME of the players.. It hurts..


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