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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Will This Ever End??

I really don't know where to begin with this one?

As extortionate as it was, many have now settled down with the increase in the season ticket prices and are getting on with enjoying the season. But quite astonishingly, the club have now raised the ticket prices again after only six matches of the season!

Fans have criticised the suggestion that they will see an improved product both on and off the pitch this season - the catering is still rubbish in both price and quality, a lick of silver paint is all that seems to have been done in the Loftus Road Stand, the name plates we were promised for our seats as season ticket holders are in fact strips of sellotape and you now cannot put a bet on once inside the stadium?

Despite the club continuingly telling us that we have sold a record number of season tickets, that tickets for home games are in high demand and for fans to 'get in quick' to ensure they see the game, seem not to be true, surprise surprise. With four home games now played, we have yet to sell out Loftus Road.

This is also having a knock on effect as QPR supporters are noticing the ticket prices for away games are starting to increase. Now, you cannot blame them when you think we are charging now between £25 and £40 for them to sit in one of the worst away ends in the division. A classic example, is that of Southampton's small following on Sunday. The Saints continually pack out the away end to the rafters, but could anyone honestly say, that you would pay travelling costs, programme, food and drink costs etc, plus £30 for a Championship match that is being televised?

I don't know when, but there will sadly be a day when I decide to hang up my season ticket for whatever reason and pick and choose the games I go and watch. But, I wanted it to be my choice, not the Club's! It has already got to the point where it has now become VERY difficult for me, personally to bring friends or loved ones to watch a game with me one Saturday afternoon. Where/when is this going to end?

The next paragraph has been taken from an excellent article from Clive Whittingham from Loft for Words...

Derby County, facing the prospect of telling their fans that it will cost them £40 to sit in one of the division's worst away ends, have posted a small story on their official website saying that they have withdrawn QPR tickets from sale because of a stock issue. There is a rumour going around that they're considering refusing the allocation at the ridiculous, scandalous, prices QPR are asking for. I'd would encourage them to do just that. Apologise to their supporters but state clearly why they are refusing the allocation. ITV are featuring the Derby game as their top Championship match that day and the sight of an empty away end in protest at this piss take will speak a thousand words - even more than the pathetic and frankly embarrassing sight of our club's precious W12 and C Club sitting almost totally empty in front of the Sky cameras at the weekend. That's the W12 and C Club that we were so desperate to have we moved season ticket holders from their long held and much treasured South Africa Road seats.

The Club need to be asked some serious questions very quickly...


  • At 7:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My opinion is not a good business to increase tickets especially to the price of £40 per game for only 90 minutes worth of action sometimes!!! I was thinking attending some games this season but not now because I cannot afford to come. This is the start to increasing prices and I wonder how much it cost next season around £60????????????

    I remember I use to come every Saturday in the Loft end years ago, standing with your mates and cheered the team for a tenner per game. At this time we had Gary Bannister and Budgie playing and there were good / bad times & football.

  • At 9:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'd hoped to get a season ticket. The promise of exciting signings and quality football was a dream come true after years of dross. The price increases meant I couldn't do that.

    I had planned to come to the Derby game and bring my father-in-law who I usually take to three or four games a year. I can't afford to pay for him to go now and I'm uncertain if I can justify going myself now.

    As a regular of thirty years I find this upsetting to say the least.

    If you are not one of bernie and flavs paddock pals you are not welcome at Loftus Road.

  • At 1:44 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    Reading the club's response to this is even more baffling, "We need to increase revenue in line with other areas of the business and all areas have got to come together to hit our targets." And how will that happen when fans simply cannot afford tickets? This is the worst possible message to send at a time when the club should be really trying to pack LR to get behind the players.

  • At 2:24 pm, Anonymous Rossndsuperhoop said…

    Agreed - I can't see how this is going to help the club as the increase in price will have a huge effect on demand - especially in these times.

    Personally I am the only hoops fan out of a large group of Friends, the rest of whom all support the standard prem clubs. However - after much persuasion I have persuaded about 8 of them to "adopt" QPR as their second club and we all go down 4 or 5 times a season as a big group. £25 isn't the end of the world for them and much cheaper than the teams they support, but I am certian not one of them will be prepared to join me at these new prices - unless by some fluke I manage to pick up the cheap tickets - unlikley!

    There goes £600 - £1000 of revenue from 1 fan alone. And I am bloody sure I am not the only one.

  • At 12:52 pm, Blogger higgis said…

    Spot on, Lofty. The problem is that they can't attract new fans until we actually start achieving something, and a couple of wins will not cut it. Why would you pay these prices to watch QPR in the championship when you can watch Fulham in the Premiership for less? Answer: only if you were a die-hard fan.

    The only way to fill the stands in the short-term is to *lower* the prices. Once we've actually got into the Premiership they can maybe think about charging a premium.


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