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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Putting the Boot In...

Following his excellent work on this site, Lee Brown has taken his writing talents to a new level and his started his own football blog.

As Lee himself introduces - 'Putting The Boot In';

This is a new page that is totally dedicated to football. It doesnt matter what it is we will have an opinion and will do our best to cover as many bases as possible.
We are going to review the results across the divisions and supply our own insights into how things are panning out in the respected leagues.

We will also offer club features and how the club is progressing towards the future.
Any ideas are gladly welcomed and we will do our best to serve the football fans around the country.

You can find the link to 'Putting The Boot In' on the links section on the right hand side...

It's early days but it is looking very promising indeed and is a site that will appeal to fans of the beautiful game, everywhere. GOOD LUCK LEE!!!


  • At 7:39 pm, Anonymous Lee said…

    Thank u very much fella, is greatly appreciated =)


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