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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Magilton Suspened..........

At lunchtime today it was confirmed that Jim Magilton had been suspended by the club over reported incidents after the game against Watford and an internal investigation is to be held.


After Rangers 3-1 defeat at Vicarage Road the players were locked in the dressing room for 30-45 minutes as a severe dressing down was handed out.
A Daily Mail report and rumours suggest that Magilton tore into Damion Stewart and then moved onto Akos Buzsaky and after a few words asked the Hungarian if he felt he had been bullied, Magilton received an answer he didnt like and apparently headbutted Buzsaky. The exchange go so heated that Patrick Agyemang stepped in and was offered the same treatment as Buzsaky but Agyemang stood his ground and Magilton backed off.
Buzsaky walked out of the dressing room despite John Gorman asking for him to stay and was locked out of the dressing room for over half an hour as the dressing down continued.
A mark on the forehead of Magilton was evident in a Sky Sports interview after the game and only strengthens the reported rumours.

At time time of writing it has now been said that John Gorman and Keith Ryan are now refusing to work until Magilton is reinstated.

Youth Team coaches Marc Bircham and Steve Gallen have been put in temporary charge from Monday's game at West Brom.

Early rumours are that Alan Curbishley, Steve Coppell and Darren Ferguson are likely targets if Magilton is to depart.

The club have now gone on record to release a statement saying that Akos Buzsaky has not handed in a transfer request and Akos is quoted on the QPR offical site as saying "It is not true at all."
"I am entirely focused on our next fixture against West Bromwich Albion on Monday night. We are in a strong position just three points outside the play-off's and as professional footballers our sole aim is to focus on the upcoming matches."


  • At 2:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So the circus continues! The fact Gorman & Ryan have stood with Magilton suggests it was an exaggeration abt there being a headbutt. Worrying if players are seemingly running the show, but Magilton only has himself to blame playing favorites, dropping the only real source of goals, and playing people out of position. Clearly dressing room has been lost, and why would any decent player want to be in that environment?

  • At 2:26 pm, Anonymous ShrivRanger said…

    Clearly Madge must go if rumours are true but so many people are to blame ie:
    1.Magilton himself for the action and suspected player unrest due to poor team selection eg dropping players who had been playing well in order to play his favourites such as Hall and Leigertwood. Also dropping other players after just one poor match.
    2.The Owners for putting too much pressure on our managers.
    3.The players many of whom have been underperforming all season (apart from one purple patch).In a way the impatient Owners have handed power to the players as they know how easy it would be to get rid of a manager.
    4. The fans. Rich owners have given too many of us zero patience which results in a lack of support for the team when not playing well. Inevitably this has a very negative impact on the players. performance.

  • At 4:44 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    There is a rule at Loftus Road: Headbutts are reserved for matches against China, not for your own players. The locker room drama is shocking, but I'm almost more blown away by the fact that Bircham will be leading the guys out against WBA. Is it too late for the mohawk to make an appearance?

    This is a good team with a lot of football left in the season. They need to clear the air and straighten this out right away.


  • At 7:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My wife came in tonight and said Magilton's in trouble as he had headbutted a player. I said, not having seen the news, that she was mistaken and had confused Magilton with Pulis at Stoke. No she said and she placed her paper in front of me. Staggering. If true, Mag must go as he has clearly lost players' confidence. QPR is fast becoming a stand-up comedy soap opera, but has a long way to go to achieve the same status of Corrie and become a Premier League soap. But who would wish to come to us? Underperforming players, fickle directors and owners who are quick to sack people, etc. The local County league side has just parted with its manager after poor performances in the second tier, perhaps Palladini should contact him??? Now that would be a laugh!!



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