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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It Never Rains....

QPR P-P Watford

Good evening Ladies, Gentleman and fellow sufferers - after tonight's postponement and the views exhanged between us after the Palace wash out last year, Lee has given me the chance to make a comeback on here and have a rant, sorry, I mean, express my opinion on the latest QPR c*ck up...

The Palace postponement late last year was a complete joke and sadly, this one is no better. On arrival home from work at about 5.30pm, I was greeted with text's from Sam and Lee, saying due to persistant rain in London all day, there is a pitch inspection at 6pm. However, when perusing the QPR Website, I was greeted with the words 'GAME ON' as I opened the page, with the Club patting itself on the back and saying something along the lines off - despite adverse weather condition, they 'fully expect the game to go ahead', which was the case following the inspection.

So, I left Lofty Towers at about 6.10 and started making my way to the game. Further texts then arrived from Sam at about 6.30 saying there was a further pitch inpection at 7pm. Now, this annoyed me...

The pitch was allegedly playable at 6 but a further inspection was warranted at 7?? The rain was persistant and now described on the QPR Website as torrential, so couldn't they have made a decision before little more than an hour before kick-off, when I guess the majority of supporters are already there or well into their journeys??

Also, what of the state of the art drainage system that was installed in the close season??

In summary, we are yet again, the only game in the Championship that has been called off, but on recent form, we have to be happy with the result tonight?!? ;)


  • At 12:30 am, Blogger Bobo said…

    Lofty! Fantastic to hear from you, even in grim times for our favorite little club.

    Sorry to hear they tormented you again... but it might have been an agonizing report either way.

    Hope you are well in the big city,



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