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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lofty Heights Awards.

The time has come for the annual Lofty Heights Awards 2009/10 season. We will cover all the important awards before awarding some personal awards to the gang.

LH Player of the Year - Alejandro Faurlin

LH Young Player of the Year -
Antonio German

Goal of the Season - Matt Connolly vs Blackpool Away

LH Manager of the Year - Jim Magilton

LH Worst Manager of the Year - Paul Hart

Signing of the Season - Alejandro Faurlin

Worst Signing - Alesandro Pellicori

Best Loanee - Joint Winners: Adel Taarabt and Jay Simpson

Worst Loanee - Marcus Bent

Biggest Sulker of the Year - Adel Taarabt

Game of the Season - Derby Away

Worst Game of the Season - Peterborough Away

Most picked on player - Lee Cook will be upset as he lost his crown this year as it goes to - Tamas Priskin (Would have gone to Marcus Bent but you have to play to get this award)

Sicknote of the Year - Matt Connolly

Dressing Room Incident of the Year - The Magilton 'headbutt'

Least Knowledgeable Fan - PK

Most Tinted Glasses - Lofty

The Latest Arrival Time To A Game - California Hoop (37th minute!)

Grandad of the Gang Award - Corp (after a milestone birthday this year)

The Gary Borrowdale Appreciation Award - Lee

Most Effort Made To Make A Game -
Sam (for managing to make a home game despite finishing work just an hour before kick off and making the 45 mile trip with 5minutes to spare)

Road Rage Driver of the Year - Jenson

Predictor of the Year - Justin

Most Random Song(s) Sung -
Nik (for the Ikeme for England and Peter Ramage is a football genius shouts at Peterborough)


  • At 12:32 am, Blogger Bobo said…

    What an amazing year with so many options in the Manager of the Year categories.

    Thank you once again Lofty and Lee for sticking through it this year and writing up great reports no matter what was happening on the field or up in the owners' box.

    Some disappointments for sure this year but hope springs eternal as the off season starts.

    One request, if I may, it would be great to check in over the summer and see if you gents have any thoughts as the World Cup gets started. Personally I'm hoping that England loses their first game and then runs the table after that.


  • At 6:06 pm, Blogger Lee said…

    It a pleasure Bobo, I'm sure I can speak for both of us when I say its been an eventful season and its always provided us with something interesting to write about.

    There are plans to do an article or two on the World Cup over the summer, final details to be confirmed between Lofty and myself but I can assure you that one or both of us will do something.

    Thanks for your support over the last 10 months, its been greatly appreciated.



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