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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sweet FA decided for now.........

So this evening us Rangers' fans heard that the FA's decision on the Alejandro Faurlin transfer was being delayed until at least 4pm tomorrow and a decision will be announced anytime after that time. Who knows whether an announcement will be made before or after the Leeds game on Saturday afternoon.
Here is my view on it all.


So what is it they are actually investigating?

Rangers' have been charged with seven breaches of FA rules that include the alleged existence of an agreement between them and a third party in respect of Faurlin's economic rights, and the alleged failure by the club to notify the FA of that agreement before the player was registered to play for them in England.
The club has also been charged with allegedly using or seeking to pay an unauthorised agent as part of the Faurlin deal, while both the club and chairman Gianni Paladini have further been charged with allegedly submitting false information in documents provided to the FA relating to a contract extension signed by Faurlin in October.

When Rangers' signed Faurlin the alleged paperwork in question was actually looked at and the FA gave the R's to go ahead and finalise the signing of Faurlin from the third party owners and not from the club that he was playing for the previous season, Instituto.
Instituto did in fact have an agreement to sign Faurlin up for the following season but could not afford the £1 million price that his owners had put on him, so when an established English Championship club like QPR comes along with interest in the player their price was inflated. The club stated on the Official QPR Website that the fee was worth up to £3.5 million, an inflation of the actual fee paid but this is often done by clubs to make the fans think that the club has extra ambition and have spent more on playing staff than they actually have.
A £500,000 fee was paid to Inter Milan as they had first option on Faurlin and this was included in the transfer fee.
Have any rules been broken when they did this? No.

Another offence is the use of a FIFA agent which didnt have the required FA licence to make the transfer all legit and above board.

My opinion on that is what does an FA registered agent have more power on than a FIFA registered agent? FIFA are the governing body of the beautiful game so surely he has more right to deal with International transfers than anyone else?
Just another way of showing the farcical running thats the English way of things, always thinking they are bigger than everyone else.

Then comes the alleged false documentation of Faurlin's contract extension which took place during the International break in September after the game against Ipswich at Portman Road, a game Rangers' won 3-0.
Had the documents in question been false and under scrutiny then surely Faurlin would not of played for the R's until the issue was resolved. Faurlin was actually injured whilst the papers were being investigated so the R's cannot even be guilty of fielding an illegal player because when Faurlin returned the FA were happy with all the documentation and started an investigation on the whole transfer saga.

This leads us to where we are now.

During the course of this week Simon Jordan spoke to talkSPORT and stated the following :-
"Rangers have no case to answer, as Faurlin was bought by the club before the FA brought in new third-party ownership rules following the much-publicised Carlos Tevez saga."
“The case they have got is flimsy. The FA and the Football League approved this transaction and were very well aware of what it was."
“The reason why this transaction has gone a little bit bandy is because QPR did something rather silly. It is often the case football clubs do this, they big up the cost of the player to appease their fans that they’re spending a load of dough.
The FA cleared the money, the FA received the money, but when QPR start going out saying they spent £3.5million on a player and none of that has been spent that’s when the FA came along and said ‘hang on a second, where’s this other money gone?’. That’s where the investigation came from."
“Now the third-party rule that they’re trying to apply was not in operation at the time they signed this player. They’ve got nothing. QPR are not going to get anything besides a slap across the wrist. I don’t think they did anything wrong.”

Now Simon Jordan wasn't highly thought of by many people but one thing you can be sure of that he knows all about the rules and regulations of transfers within the English game, so him saying this just shows that Rangers' standing at the hearing and pleading not guilty to everything just shows that the club are confident of clearing their name and making the FA look like the idiots that they truly are.

So after the three days what have the FA decided? Nothing.
Have they found any wrong doings by the club? You can bet your house that if QPR were guilty of anything that the charges and punishment would have been dealt out already and we would now be talking about what is a good or bad outcome of this hearing.

After making such a massively publicised fuss about this that if QPR were found not guilty of all the charges then the FA would look extremely silly and many people would question the actual running of the governing body of English football.
You can expect that this delay means that the FA are looking for something to punish Rangers' of and deal a sizable punishment, more than likely to be a big fine to show that they have exercised their authority on proceedings.

Whilst this is all going on there is allegations of further third party involvements going on at Cardiff City yet because they don't adhere to the English FA rules they don't have to come under question and if they did benefit from our unfortunate punishment then you would have to say their promotion is not only a joke but also a complete farce.
All the details are on this link :-

All the information above just shows what a farce all of this is and how stupid the FA look after all of this as its they who gave the green light on every aspect of the transfer and contract extension papers, are QPR in the wrong? You decide.....


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