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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Hughe-s Relief

Today is the day the R's fans have been waiting for all week, with the news that Mark Hughes has had his contract terminated today.

This means that Mark Bowen and Eddie Niedzwiecki will take temporary charge of the away fixture at Manchester United tomorrow.

Hughes has had his highs and lows at the R's, being part of the Rangers' survival on the last of the season at Manchester City and famous stating that the club 'would never be in this position again as long as he was manager', well he was right in one sense, Rangers' have not been fourth from bottom all year!!

After some dire efforts in recent weeks and lack of tactical ambition, whilst seemingly losing the confidence of the players, all of which were evident against Southampton last Saturday as they put in a lackluster performance in a game that was dubbed as a must win in 'El Sackico'.
With a massive increase on the wage bill and heavy backing in the transfer window to bring in over 12 new players you would have thought that with the quality in the squad that the club would be pushing towards a top ten position, however we have been given effort that would be lucky to return a draw in League One over the last few weeks.

The style of football and passing element was never an issue, it's been the lack of pace and movement off the ball that have resulted in the R's being incredibly goal shy this season and struggled to pin teams back and really force an advantage to play with.
As for the defensive element of the team, we have really gone backwards. The only two positives for me have been Julio Cesar and Ryan Nelsen, the rest would be lucky to enter the Titus Bramble school of defending classes, it's been that shocking!!
So many goals have come from crosses being aimed at the far post and no-one picking up any markers purely because we have been using a zonal marking policy and no-one seems to know who they are supposed to be defending against and this has been our ultimate downfall.
Hopefully now Hughes has gone we will finally leave two people on the halfway line so that we have a chance for a quick counter attack!

The departure has come as a welcome relief to us all and we made start to actually enjoy the football, rather than just attend games for a good social, as this is what the last few games have been, a good social occasion  ruined by football.

Let's hope Harry Redknapp is appointed in the very near future!!!!!!



  • At 3:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Perfect job for Redknapp as he knows the EPL and does well in the transfer window.
    Also at Spurs he actually spent very little and the club made a profit out of his time there with great success on the pitch too.


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