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Sunday, April 28, 2013

(R) QPR..

Reading 0-0 QPR

Although most of us had resigned ourselves to it, this afternoon, QPR's relegation from the Premier League, along with Reading's, was confirmed. A win for either side would have prolonged the agony for one, but an absolute bore fest of a draw sealed both sides fate at the Madjeski.

Yet again, I found myself really struggling to get enthused for this one, especially after myself and Jenson were at Wycombe yesterday to see Gaz Ainsworth pull down the curtain on his 600 game playing career. A very enjoyable and emotional day for one of our former players who gave his all for our club and will always be fondly remembered. Will we be able to say that about any of our current crop? A review of yesterday will appear next week...

Sadly, back to today and myself and Jenson arrived at the Stadium at about midday, discussing the support and that what a state of affairs it must be when we cannot sell a 2,500 allocation to a reasonably local game by a long way, I think about 750 tickets were unsold. Many people that are friends, that I know and that I know off, have simply given up and our refusing to spend any more hard earned money and waste precious time on what has gone on in front of them. It is an extremely sad state of affairs and speaks volumes!!

We were joined in our seats by Lee, Jess, Sam and Luke just before the kick off and even Lee and Sam were struggling to get any enthusiasm for their 'local game'. A hung over PK decided at last knockings to give this a miss, a wise choice I must say.

Onto the game and the banter was pretty good between the two sets of supporters, the highlight being the 'if you're all going to Bournemouth, clap your hands' chant taken up in unison and raising a few smiles. But Reading being Reading, couldn't get through the day without mentioning the 106 points they achieved a few years back. It's a bit similar to going to Forest without hearing the words 'European Cup' mentioned or Leeds being the ??Champions of Europe??. No doubt we will hear them all again next season.

From a QPR point of view, Jermaine Jenas, Granero and Jay Bothroyd all had chances and Adel Taarabt looked like he was staging his very own miss of the season competition. But as mentioned, this was a quite awful game and very much looked a game between the bottom two teams in the league of which there was so little hunger, they looked like they had both, long since given up...

Queens Park Rangers
  • 01 Green
  • 03 Traore
  • 06 Hill
  • 15 Onuoha
  • 19 Bosingwa (Fabio - 73' )
  • 10 Taarabt (Hoilett - 68' )
  • 14 Granero 
  • 16 Jenas
  • 40 M'bia (Mackie - 89' )
  • 18 Remy
  • 37 Bothroyd


  • 33 Julio Cesar
  • 20 Fabio
  • 21 Ben-Haim
  • 04 Derry
  • 07 Park Ji-sung
  • 23 Hoilett
  • 12 Mackie
Man of the Match

Quite surprisingly, a few contenders and you couldn't really argue with any of them. Jess went for Traore, with Lee and Jenson going for Nedun Onuoha. But todays winner with 3 votes from myself, Sam and Luke, goes to Jay Bothroyd. PK incidentally, texted through Esteban Granero as his choice and with a 5.30am finish to his night out, he was quite obviously still a bit tipsy..

AwayDay Pie Rating

Expert analysis by myself and Jenson only this time, perhaps due to the fact I actually warned Lee off on his arrival..

Lofty - Steak - what steak? just a view bits of a pretty much gravy filled salty effort. Presented well though - 3/10

Jenson - same as above but Jenson did actually finish his.. 4/10

Giving the Reading Pies a rating of 3.5/10, hardly a Premier League Pie!?!

Well, in summary, well, how can one summarise this? We didn't win the game because we wasn't good enough. We have been relegated because we haven't been good enough. I like the rest of you am gutted enough about this without starting to rant on about why this has happened as I want to actually go to bed this evening, but when I see my club get relegated and then see TV pictures such as this below, I think it shows so much about what is wrong with our Great Club just now...

Lee will return next weekend as the R's take on an in form Arsenal. Let's just hope with the pressure now off it's a game we can sit back and enjoy...

Come on you R'sssssssssss!!!


  • At 2:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I suggest that everyone in the country apart from QPR fans are laughing at your demise. Even Cheque book manager harry couldnt save you. Lets hope it carries on and you do a Portsmouth right back to the third division where you belong


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