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Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Just Like Watching Clint Hill.......

Today the R's faced their second long journey for an early kick off in front of the Sky TV cameras as we visited Leeds, home of the European Champions........ in their dreams!

It was an early start for Jess and myself as we set off from South London at 6.15am. We had the company of Jess' brother James for the trip today, his first proper away day.
Unfortunately we were missing gang members for a variety of reasons. Lofty missed out due to a family holiday, Sam and Luke were looking after the twins, PK was tied up wih work and Jenson was sunning himself in Cyprus.

The journey up was a humerous one, with Jess and James completing a stunning version of Celine Dion's Titanic song deafening me and then moving onto Michael Jackson. They were clearly getting in the moo for X Factor tonight!!
We arrived shortly after 11 and made our way into the ground and met Zach and Michael for a pre-match chat and deliberate what was ahead for us over the next 95 minutes.

Today was also Jess's birthday and she chose to make the trip today. Everyone at LH wishes you a happy birthday!!!

I now pass you on to Jess for her first ever match report.................

Rangers were unchanged from last Saturday's impressive win over Bolton. After missing out through injury recently Junior Hoilett returned to the bench. We headed into the game attempting to equal our away win total for last season and started brightly with Shaun Wright Phillips having his header collected by Paddy Kenny. Soon after Rangers managed their first meaningful attempt at goal. Gary O Neils pin point ball finding Barton to slide the ball home, only to see the goal chalked off for offisde, despite replays showing otherwise. A rare bit of action in a somewhat dull first half lacking any kind of clear cut chances.

I think everyone was pleased to hear the half time whistle and we were treated to a rather unexiting highlights package of the first half. Two well off target shots and one quite Zamora esque from Ross McCormack, quite comfortably nestling into row Z.

We hoped for much better in the second half as Ex R Paddy Kenny waddled over to the goal nearest the away fans, who continued to poke fun at him  for the entire second half. It wasn't long before Rangers gave him something to think about as Austin broke clear, but from a narrow angle, he could only muster up a corner.
Leeds weren't looking threatening at all and with Rangers holding on to the ball very well McDermott made a double change on the 57th minute, bringing on Poleon and Smith for the ineffective Varney and Noel Hunt. Soon after Poleon nearly punished some poor Rangers defending, toe poking the ball straight to Green in what was their first shot on target. Rangers were lacking that final ball and in the 60th minute Redknapp opted to replace O Neil with the fit again Junior Hoilett. Hoilett was looking very lively and what we had been missing especially in the first half as he continued to try and drive forward and press the Leeds defence. It wasn't long before the second change was made for Rangers, Faurlin coming on to replace the tireless Karl Henry. After missing a chance to impress on Tuesday night, everyone was pleased to see the fans favourite restored to the team with Rangers piling on the pressure for that all important first goal. It wasn't long before the pressure paid off as Barton's free kick caused confusion in the penalty area. Charlie Austin grabbed hold of the loose ball and managed to loop the ball to Clint Hill who was in the right place to fire the ball into the roof of the net and give Rangers a deserved lead! A collectors item from Hill and yet another assist for Austin, I doubt it'll be long before the goals come along for him, but his contribution to the team so far can't be knocked. This set up a nervous finale as Rangers tried to hold on to their 3rd 1-0 result in a row. Leeds were pressing for the equaliser and started to look slightly more threatening. It wasn't long before the 'sewer rat' made an appearance, much to the disgust of Rangers fans, wishing every possible injury on him. How the home fans can abuse Barton for being a w@nk£r yet give a horrible character like Diouf a standing ovation is nearly as ridiculous as singing songs about being champions of a tournament which they never actually won. Rangers were proving difficult to break down and soon broke away, Junior Hoilett spurning arguably a great chance to double the R's advantage. We always feared their would be another chance or two for the hosts and a good one arrived five minutes before time, the lively Poleon forcing Green into a save. As Rangers tried to see out the game in the dying seconds Austin (their one!) hit a thunderbolt from a good 35yards out, leaving Green helpless, only to see his effort hit the top of the crossbar! Needless to say plenty of pairs of pants were ruined as that proved to be pretty much the last kick of the game.

 photo Hill.jpg

Overall the R's were fully deserving of the three points, with Leeds only having two shots on target all game and that thunderbolt strike that come off the top of the bar.
Rangers' looked a lot more comfortable when Junior Hoilett entered the fray, with his width and energy making an immediate impact and he had numerous chances to get on the scoresheet and should've sealed it at the end but his shot was wayward and could've even squared the ball to Jenas or Austin.
The Leeds fans provided us their usual entertainment, thinking their club is much bigger than what it really is. In the 70's, early and late 90's they were big but they have been ruined by the likes of Peter Ridsdale and the spending spree that left them close to financial ruin. Those days have gone but unfortunately the fan still think they are too big for everyone else, quite funny in all fairness and it was nice to get oe over on them after they completed the double over us in our Championship winning season.

The Man of the Match received the full quota of results from the gang as we compiled the votes from in the stadium and from the gang at home.
All receiving one vote were - SWP (Lofty), Richard Dunne (Luke) and Clint Hill (Jess). With four votes from Sam, Jenson, James and myself, winning this week was Nedum Onuoha for another outstanding and solid performance at the heart of the R's defence. Onuoha really is establishing himself as a key member of the first team and has impressed many sections of the R's supporters, including those that have decided to set up the Nedum Onuoha Society, with Block HU taking responsibility for this (a cheap plug for you Perry).

 photo bcaa1dd8-9509-445a-bb1b-7e91a6274cfc.jpg

SWP was especially delighted with his Man of the Match vote.......

 photo Eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.jpg

Now we have the international break to enjoy and will return to match duty on the 14th September for the home game against Birmingham.

We will see you all again on Monday, depending on whether we make any new signings.



  • At 9:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 7:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your so full of shit.....your a small club with a pathetic away support..nearly 600 of you imbeciles at ER.. stick your moronic "blog" where the sun doesn't shine knobjockey..

  • At 10:22 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    oh dear,typical Leeds don't like losing so turn to try and abuse but please, remember, you are certainly not famous anymore,you are not a big club and anyone outside of Leeds, does not care about you or look at you as 'our cup final'.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, you may want to open the top tier of that stand,you may see a bit more of the ball up there

  • At 10:42 am, Blogger Lee said…

    Oh dear they have only gone and bitten at it.........
    The disgrace of 75? Yes we know about it, it doesn't make you the Champions of Europe though, try and actually win it then we may stop laughing at your pathetic, deluded fans.
    We've never claimed to be a big club and 670 fans to travel 450 miles on a 12.15 kick off isn't the greates but there are worse fans out there.
    Our heads are not stuck up our arses like you lot, wake up and smell the coffee, you're not famous and our "tinpot club" as Paddy Kenny described it is certainly well in front of you lot. Enjoy the Championship and watching them long balls, you may want to change your seat to that second tier, however you might get a bit lonely up there as you as the 'Mighty Leeds'cannot even fill their own ground.......

    Thanks for the three points suckers

  • At 11:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh Lofty ypu are SO wrong on so many levels. Leeds Utd evoke a reaction-positive or negative with every supporter in the Country. Hardly the interest a small club gets is it? What does constitute a big club in your eyes? Does a big club only exsist for a certain amount of years if they fall on hard times & win nothing? So Newcastle Utd isn't a big club either then? Man City weren't a big club before the mega bucks arrived? Forest haven't won anything of sustained note since the 80's, are they a small outfit in your World? I know you Londoners are so insular that a trip to the East End is classed as a long away trip but even you can't ignore "big" Chelsea down the road. Were they a small club before a certain Russian came on board? We have won trophies, the league title & competed at the highest level in Europe. Yes we would be Champions of Europe but for a ref who was corrupt in 75. Any other team in this Country would have had full FA backing to expose this more than it was by UEFA-as you probably won't know that ref never officiated a match again. Now what exactly have your team done? You could win the PL (in your dreams of course) 10 years on the trot & nobody would consider you of any note. LUFC have been out of the top flight for 10 seasons yet have an estimated Global support base of 10 million +. We regulary get gates larger than many PL sides. You can only dream of 23k crowds, yet we are disappointed with that level. Plying your trade in the PL doesn't make a club "big" instantly. History, trophies, fanbase & interest-both good & bad-shows LUFC ARE a big team. I hope you fail in getting back up. Spiteful yes I honestly admit that. The reasons? Well I couldn't care two figs about QPR normally. However if we had the following at LUFC every supporter the length of this Country would scream "dirty Leeds". Redknapp a tax fiddling corrupt bastard a hangover of a past era. When we had Graham as manager LUFC were called all the names under the sun for misdermeaners he had done whilst at Arsenal!Barton a downright thug. Yet you lot call us for having Diouf in our team & cheering him-exactly the same as you do with Barton! Yet I think Diouf has done far less crimes than your thug! Your crap fanbase-both in numbers & noise you don't make. For goodness sake you have an idiot willing to chuck money at your piddling little outfit & still you can't draw any enthusiasm to come & follow the club! Flowting the fair play rules. As the rest of us get into line with it you disregard it in the hope your back in the PL before it kicks in. If we were to do this you & every other club would bleat how unfair we were in not following the spirit of the law. Hope you have to offload next season at rock bottom prices to avoid sanctions.

  • At 11:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh dear Lee (your parents obviously wanted to call you Leeds) Our ground is big enough for the PL unlike your lego ground. "3k as I've said is below what we expect-but way better than than you would get if you were top of the PL! So to point out we can't fill our stadium really is silly. You built a tiny ground that you can't fill. We built a big ground that even at this level we can & have filled-& will do so again. Your logic is knock stands down if you go down the leagues? Strange! As for 75-yes it does make us the Champions of Europe fool. Perfectly good goals disallowed, a bent ref=the opponents DIDN'T win it! I beat if your tinpot shower had ever competed at that stage you would feel the same. Worse support than yours? Nobody brought less than that figure to ER last year. Millwall were in the 600's but lets face it with the mega bucks, hop of going straight back up etc then you even fall short of the Bermondsey lot as a village team. You clearly didn't attend the game as you refer to LUFC playing hoofball. Your obviously reading about it off the net from Warnocks days. QPR put it more in the air yesterday than us-& certainly neither side were over guilty of this tactic.

  • At 3:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well done you super hoops great support for the team again.

  • At 7:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Crap team, crap support, that horrible Joey Barton in your team, how dare you insult the mighty Leeds, blah blah blah!! Ha Ha. When all is said and done, little QPR beat you 1-0 at your ground. "We just like watching Clint Hill". QPR LOUD AND PROUD. Oh, and can we play you every week?

  • At 7:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love football and love QPR but when I read the cobblers that this Leeds fan has written it brings it home to me how small minded some people are. If you want to rant about something rant about Assads chemical warfare attack on men, women and children, thats important Leeds United really aint.

  • At 7:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    another good review love to read these

  • At 9:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The jeering of Diouf is for what he did to Jamie Mackie when he had a broken leg but anyway thanks for the 3 points ... Forget about your past and enjoy a decent cup run now and again while being a boring middle of the road championship side as that is all Leeds will be now ... Also seek help for your typical northern inferiority complex

  • At 12:22 am, Anonymous simon said…

    Well impressed with Rangers. I thought Leeds looked average and expect them to struggle this season so lets not get too carried away with the result. We contained them well and never really had to move out of second gear.
    Again EL was dotted with an array of empty seats which was a disappointment as they are always billed as one of the big clubs. Rangers really need to move into a new stadium as soon as possible as you cant get an home ticket for love nor money. A problem that Leeds fans dont seem to encounter.
    So its onwards and upwards for the Rangers and Leeds, well who cares!

  • At 5:23 am, Anonymous robCnelson86 said…

    Well lets now ignore all the bitter leeds fans and concentrate on what just happened in the transfer window.
    2 more midfielders?? Oneill, Barton, Jenas, Faurlin, Henry, Diakite, Carrol, Krankjar- Someones nose is going to get out of place with so many. STRIKERS??? i know Johnson is doing well Austin will get there but Johnson will get injured and Zamora, not even worth talking about really. I know Hitchcock and Shariff have come in and done ok but can we rely on inexperienced youth? that remains to be seen, but i dont think we can.
    Defensively we look ok! Simpson(Young???) Onouha(Ferdinand???) Dunne(Hill) Ekotto(Suk/Traore)And of course for some reason no-one has bought Cesar so we have Green or Cesar in goal in the Championship, No Bad id say!!
    We've had a good start to the season, hope it continues and gets better


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