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Friday, September 14, 2007

Place Your Bets...

Leiecester v QPR

Well, even at this early stage of the season and with our tips so far, I am surprised that this feature is still running and I will be even more surprised if anyone is actually reading it?

Only 3 predictions this week as it looks as if one of the gang has given up already, but the three all suggest that we are confident of getting something to hopefully kick start our season.

Corp - Rangers to win 2-1, Nardiello first scorer

PK - a 2-2 draw, Rowlands first scorer

Lofty - 1-1, Blackstock first scorer

As always, bets can be either doubles or singles.

Good Luck and Happy Punting and please rememeber, the law of averages means we wil get one right one day ;-)


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