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Saturday, November 22, 2008

QPR Project Well and Truly Stung by Hornets...

Watford 3-0 QPR 'Project'

I am ashamed to say, that Watford easily brushed aside a disjointed and disinterested QPR at Vicarage Road in Paulo Sousa's first game in charge.


What with the developments at Loftus Road this week, the mood was extremely upbeat and the much mentioned, new manager syndrome, would surely come into effect with the players going all out to impress their new boss. Sadly, someone forgot to tell QPR this and after the much publicised Paulo Sousa interviews this week, where he has been demanding hard work, ambition and loyalty, else they have no part in this 'project' - there must be a good few QPR players who will be fearing for their jobs after this performance.

After reading the various reports since I have been home, the Official QPR site have obviously tried to sugar coat this defeat a bit by stating that Sousa watched from the stands today and left managerial duties to Gareth Ainsworth, seeing as though he has only been here for 2 days. What it doesn't do is make this any better as today's performance was totally unnacceptable and our worst of the season by a long way.

Tommy Smith set the home side on their way from the penalty spot in the 26th minute after he was adjudged to have been barged in the back by Mikele Liegertwood. It looked a soft penalty, it was a soft penalty and extremely harsh of the referee to award. In fairness, the Watford players didn't appeal for it and everyone in the stadium seemed genuinely stunned when it was awarded.


If that wasn't bad enough, the Rangers backline were at fault for Watford's second eight minutes later. Lee Williamson's fine 25-yard free-kick rebounded off the post, but their failure to react to the loose ball allowed Jon Harley to cross the ball back in for Darren Ward to score. On the stroke of half time, the game was over, as Smith robbed Leigertwood in the left back area and pulled the ball back for Williamson to fire a shot that creot under Radek Cerny.

At this point, I nearly went home and I certainly would not have been alone as many disgusted R's fans made for the exit. But I was talked into staying by PK and also, the hope that Rangers would come out and give it a real go as there was nothing to lose. This would be the case, surely...

It didn't happen and I have to be honest, if I were a Watford fan, I would be very disappointed that my team didn't get 5 or 6 today. To make matters worse, Fitz Hall was given a straight red card with 10 minutes to go. I am afraid I cannot offer any comment regarding this as I had long left the stadium by this time. I cannot remember the last time I had left before the end of a QPR game and also, when I had readily joined in with a chorus of 'what a load of rubbish', but that I did and I don't regret doing so.

QPR: Cerny, Delaney, Stewart, Mahon (Tommasi 46), Hall, Leigertwood, Blackstock (Di Carmine 63), Agyemang, Ramage, Ledesma (Parejo 53), Ephraim. Subs: Cole, Gorkss.

Lofty's Man of the Match - you are seriously, having a laugh!! N/A

I must admit, that when I first heard this midweek, it went over my head somewhat. But to continually hear Queens Park Rangers referred to as a 'project' rather than a Football Club by the owners and now, the Management, is great cause for concern - as was vented loudly by the R's following at Vicarage Road today. But what concerns me more, is that this performance 'could' be the players protesting at an absolute joke that Flavio Briatore is turning our Club into...

That folks, is all for now...


  • At 12:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry you had to watch such a shambles and had to write such a report. I was very concerned on Saturday morning to read in my wife's (!) Daily Mail an anonymous email, from someone allegedly in QPR, which talks about how Flavio is disliked and the growing discontent with his interference. Added to which some searching rhetorical questions were posed in the email. This did not bode well for the match, so not a surprise result.

    It just goes to illustrate that our new boss Paulo Sousa will have one helluva lot to sort out,before we see QPR start to make great steps forward. Will he be allowed to take on the challenge with support but without intereference from above? We shall see.

    South Coast Ranger.

    (PS not for publication - if you wish to see the DM article, I would be pleased to scan and email to you. My email is .)

  • At 12:41 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    A grim day indeed Lofty. Question: Does this count toward one of Sousa's 15 games? I have it marked on the calendar but just want to be sure.

    I'm hoping that this is just "one of those games" that can be forgotten and not a harbinger of what the rest of the season will look like.


  • At 1:33 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    SCR - I would very much like to see that and will be in touch soon, thanks. I know someone who works for the club who I will, for obvious reasons not be naming, nor naming the gender, but they are saying much the same thing. When FB is in presence, they literally roll out the red carpet for him, stand up when he walks in the room etc. The sight of him standing in front of the squad on QPR World made my blood boil. Please Flavio, we do appreciate what you have done, but PLEASE, leave the football to the football people!!

    Bobo - I guess so yes and on yesterdays evidence, its one game too much! I cannot remember such a shambles and lets face it, there have been quite a few

  • At 5:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thank you for the post Lofty
    It looks like we have a way to go to resume confidence and get on track . I'm sure the term ' project ' is a translation blip so pay no attention . Sousa will need the rest of the season to learn .and fast .and then a summer of training to start to develop his team . Hold on for a rough ride .
    I'm suer this is a better move than ID for the long term .

  • At 8:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HI YA be honest i wished we had walked at h/ the last 10 years i av seen some bad performances.but thay were down to bad squards at the mo we av a good group of players so what is going on it a case of we av tried the cowboys now bring on the indians.. sooner the better ..... MR.BRIATORE WE DO APPRECIATE WHAT YOU AV DONE BUT NOW FECK OFF.... see ya tue


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