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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

View From The North...

Leeds based R's fan, Paul Dennison has been kind enough to send me a brief summary of last nights game, so I thought I would share seeing as I was not in attendance myself. Thanks Paul...

Last night – very disappointing, played well until penalty miss, up to the Rowly was outstanding and his penalty was a good one, although straight down the middle, but Lee Grant made an excellent , if lucky save. Helguson missed another very easy chance after about 10 minutes and was invisible all match (although I thought he did play well on sat) – My ratings would be:

Cerny – solid, but maybe at fault for the goal

Ramage – worked hard, his run and cross led to the pen

Delaney – struggling big time (although I thought he did play a bit better than usual on Sat)

Mahon – held things together

Stewart – solid

Gorkss – good

Leigertwood – ineffective

Rowly – excellent until penalty miss – faded away

Agyemang – excellent – caused problems all night, let himself down though in front of goal

Helguson(?) – totally invisible

Ephraim – worked hard, caused problems


Hall – came on in 91st minute as a striker!

Cook – involved a lot in his 20 mins

De Carmine - -on with 10 mins to go, did well – why is he always brought on when its too late!!

Overall – missed chances galore, now nearly 12 hours without an away goal – seems to be getting to the players

Atmosphere – almost non existent

Freezing Cold!!!!

Value for money 3/10

Summary – different Manager, same s@@t!!!!


  • At 10:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well I was at the game and I must have seen a totally different game - but then i was appalled at the terrible foul mouthed insults thrown at the Rs players (who really tried very hard last night) at the end - so much for "supportive" fans. I see all the away agmes and this was by a VERY long way our best yet compared to the horror of Watford/Swansea and non event at Palace. Helguson positioning was good throughout and he proved a real menace (more so than would have done Blackstock) and he did NOT miss an easy chance- it was the save of the season. Rowlands recovered well in the second half and Delaney covered o k - Ranage not bad either. Gorks mom along with Mahon. Leig in and out as always but class when he looked the part sometimes.Rs plugged away and created loads of chances throughout and only played less well when Hogan was replaced by Cook - more attacking but it destroyed the balance of the team. D Carmine was absolutely dreadful when he came on - he is an awful player I am afraid who cannot cope with League footie which is why he comes on so late. When oh when can some fans get real - we tried hard and were desperately unlucky not to be in front. yes gutted by the defeat but shocked and disappointed thta only about 30 of the 250 odd Rs fans clapped the team at the end. The team needs SUPPORT not the whingeing at the end - well done to the usual singers who kept going until near the end. I too am tired of watching us not score but we were so so close last will come!

  • At 5:28 pm, Anonymous Paul said…

    Foul mouthed insults aimed at the players??? i never heard any to be honest except the usual moans and graons towards Ramage who i again thought did well. Dont agree about the Helguson miss it was a excellent chance which he should easily have scored,

    Yea the game was better than Watford, Swansea & probably Palace but that doesnt say much really does it.

    Dont agree about Di Carmine being "absolutely Dreadful" and "unable to cope with league football" his performance against Reading his goal against Birmingham and his performance when he came on at watford would suggest otherwise.

    and we also go to all home and most away games dispite living in leeds.


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