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Monday, September 14, 2009

Time'll fix it Jim.......

I have been lucky enough to secure some of the thoughts of another loyal Rangers fan and he gives you his take on Saturday's game as well as an oversight into Rangers disappointing start to the season. Thanks very much Nik Brumsack for this and hopefully we will be able to get more opinions from him in the future.

As the 10,000-odd QPR fans left Loftus Road disappointed again, the question on many fans lips was simply “where do we go from here?”

When the fixtures were released in mid-June, R’s fans will have had every right to be very confident of a good start to the season. Instead, the side have picked up just 7 points from the first 6 games, winning only once in that time.

The dissatisfaction amongst fans is growing and it’s not hard to see why. £600 is an obscene amount of money to be charged to watch Championship football. The players (with the exception of a select few) would do well to remember to show the fans a bit of appreciation at the end of games. It is us after all us who pay their wages, travelling the length and breadth of the country to support them in the process.

There can be no doubting that Jim Magilton has inherited the most talented squad that Loftus Road has seen in years. There is, however, no point in having these players if they continue to play as a collection of individuals rather than a team. The game against Peterborough was a prime example of that. On paper, Rangers’ have a considerably better squad. Nevertheless, on the pitch it was the visitors who were the better side, playing as a team and controlling the play for long periods. This desperately needs to be addressed as the potential for success is there and that’s why it’s so frustrating to see Rangers’ disappoint week in, week out. “Madge” needs to make the players aware of how much of a privilege it is to play for Queens Park Rangers FC. The squad of players need to look at Gareth Ainsworth and learn something from him.

Magilton has made schoolboy errors when it comes to the squad gelling. Eight games into the campaign and he still seems to have no idea as to who his best side actually is. Key players like Akos Buzsaky and Kaspars Gorkšs have been in and out of the side all season. How are the players meant to build partnerships when the team is changed every week?

In some respects, it must be noted that Magilton has been unlucky. The two-week break that followed Rangers' first win of the season at Scunthorpe will have extinguished any chance of carrying momentum into the next game.

QPR face Crystal Palace this Tuesday, and 3 points is a necessity. With difficult games away to high-flyers Cardiff and Newcastle coming up, the pressure will really be on Magilton and the team to produce the goods. For all the pretty passing that Rangers’ are producing at the moment, the gaffer and his side have to be wary of the fact that football is a results game, and so far this season, they have not been good enough.

Jim Magilton need only ask Iain Dowie or Paulo Sousa about the ruthlessness of QPR’s owners to know that managers are not given a lot of time to prove themselves in W12.

The clock is ticking.


  • At 7:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Unfortunatly, you are asking the players to appreciate the fans, but why would they when the Owners (and i mean all the owners), dont appreciate us.... yes they came in when the club was doomed and we all appreciated that at the time, but our club now has no atmosphere, the fans are just being told to deal with it and the people running the show have no knowledge of how to run a football club, let alone be sucessful. It really does make you wonder where all this is going... the new owners have had a pretty easy time since they took over, Man Utd, Villa and Chelsea twice are money making ties, before they came in we would have been lucky to get Sheff Weds away. No major signings also a doubt about the so called value of the 3.5 mil signing, for a player we have never heard of....and the common knowledge that a least one striker has been required for at least 2 years !!!! My worry is that Fabio will be punished for his F1 exploits and then take a more hands on role at Rangers (god forbid), but you also have to take into account the other buisness partners, whilst Fabio is singled out for how he runs the club the other board members have a say so they must be in agreement with him so i do feel they should all take the blame / or if it ever happens the credit if things work out.

    Just my thoughts from a very downhearted Rangers fan..........

  • At 8:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    where's Lofty??

  • At 3:25 pm, Blogger HoopsRRR said…

    I'm a season ticket holder who didn't go to Saturdays match. I have a 3-hour drive each way to the ground and regret to say I did not feel able to spend probably the last good day of summer travelling to watch another rubbish performance. In terms of the rubbish performance once again the team provided one so I'm glad I didn't go. If we can't beat teams like peterborough at home (whoever their manager is) there really is no hope. On the point of managers being sacked for poor results its wrong to put Dowie in that category - he had the best points return, on the few games he was in charge, of any manager right back to before Alec Stock.

  • At 3:40 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    Great post and spot on. I have a theory that Magilton is actually safer than any of his predecessors right now for a couple of reasons:

    1. The owners learned last year that their constant tinkering was hurting the club and making it impossible to get the type of manager that they really wanted to even consider coming to LR. They know the alternative to JM is another stretch of an interim manager and quite possibly another lost season with a good side stumbling to another mid-table finish.

    2. The owners have their eyes turned elsewhere at the moment. QPR is a pleasant diversion for the owner's day jobs with F1 and the Renault team. That sport is in crisis and barring a drop into the relegation zone I just can't imagine anything at LR really pulling them back in right now. (Okay, perhaps a 5-0 drubbing by Chelsea would get some attention.)

    Right now JM has the team and it is up to him to figure out where the goals are going to come from this year. Last year the Rs had the tendency to play down to the level of their competition -- getting three points against some top clubs and missing points when they were there for the taking. Right now we have yet to see if this year's side will even live up to that legacy.

    I'm hopeful, fingers crossed.. COME ON YOU RRRSSS!!

  • At 6:26 pm, Blogger Lee said…

    Thanks to you all for your kinda comments. I knew this would create a little bit of debate between us all.

    As for the question where is Lofty, he is taking a well earned break after 5 years and will hopefully return when he is good and ready =)

  • At 9:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thanks, Lee for the reply. I am glad to hear Lofty hasn't fully thrown in the towel just yet. This is one of the best QPR sites out there and long may it continue. U R'sssssssss!!

  • At 10:23 pm, Blogger Lee said…

    I'm sure Lofty will greatly appreciate the very kind comment.
    The site will be kept going for as long as possible and I hope you dont mind reading my ramblings in the meantime =)

  • At 11:10 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    Wait, does this mean that Lofty has gone on gardening leave? Match reviews are great -- but who will step up and tell us about all of the pies and wraps on the road? Well then, he deserves a break after so many years of dedicated service -- but he will be missed each week until he returns.

    Thank you so much for stepping in Lee. This makes you the Gaz of LH, taking the helm as caretaker when the team needs you.


  • At 2:18 am, Blogger Lee said…

    Lofty has put himself in the garden for the time being and I'm going to take on the match reports and previews. I will do my best to keep up with the pie and wrap reports for you but if I slip up I hope you will put me right.
    So I am in caretaker charge for now but hopefully Lofty will return sooner than later as I will miss him put as much as you guys will. He's put a lot of hard work into this so hopefully I can continue to bring a good service to you.
    Your kind words will mean a lot to him.

  • At 7:18 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    thanks for all your kind words and support as always but don't worry, although I am taking a break, I am still attending games and Lee will be the first to know of the quality of the away game catering!

    I always wanted this site to bring you what the others didn't and I truly believe I did that. I sadly, had to stop with the ever popular pie rating as mine and the gangs waistlines were suffering badly, but the brevity of the football away day has always remained.

    I have left the site in very good hands and would personally like to thank Lee for stepping in, so let's all get behind him!!

    Come on You R'sssssssssssss!!!!


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