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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bye Bye Briatore, Briatore Goodbye!!

QPR fans finally got the piece of good news they were waiting to hear this evening...... Flavio Briatore has stepped down as chairman of QPR Holdings Ltd. Board members have appointed Ishan Saksena as the new Chairman.


The Mittal family have taken the opportunity to increase their stake in the club, with Briatore having a minority share and essentially having very little input into how the club is run. Bernie Ecclestone also retains a minority shareholding.

In the shake up behind the scenes it also sees Gianni Paladini removed as Director of Football and he moves into his former position of Club Chairman and will oversee the day to day running of the club.

Ishan Saksena has over ten years of experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, private equity and asset management across North America, Europe and other emerging markets. He has also been involved in multibillion dollar private equity transactions and has also been involved in restructuring sectors within the retail, consumer and energy markets.


So we finally get the good news we all hoped for and two and a half years after having the famous "five year plan" read out to us we now find ourselves saved from a nightmare and in the hands of the Mittal family with Amit Bhatia at the forefront of the club and we can now hopefully enjoy having a passionate leader and look to consolidate our club before pushing forward and looking to show further ambition in the future.



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