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Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Champion Day...

QPR 1-2 Leeds

Queens Park Rangers and their fans finally celebrated confirmation of their status as Championship Winners despite a final day defeat by Leeds - and what a day this turned out to be...

The much publicised, FA Hearing, of which I am sure you are all aware of, had stressed us all out to the absolute maximum last week, made even worse by the fact that the decision, originally intended to go out on Friday, had been delayed until, well, who knew...

QPR themselves had been given permission to recieve the well deserved trophy and had said quite openly, that they intended to party, but could we really celebrate properly with all this hanging over us??

With all this in mind, the gang fully intended to continue with the plans to celebrate and the car was left behind as I made an early start of 9am to get the bus and train to Loftus Road. I met with PK and Jenson about 10.30, amidst rumours there was to be an announcement from the FA at 11.00am. This came and went and we had a couple of pints before the lovely Metropolitan Police, forced us off the Springbok balcony and back into what felt like a sauna, so we soon finished our drinks, assembled outside and were soon to be on the move to the Blue and White bar. Bumping into a few old friends held us up briefly, before at approximately, 11.30, something happened and I don't think I will ever forget it as long as I live...

A huge roar went up from inside the Springbok and to be honest, had us all a bit confused as it was far too early for any other matches to be being played. I was then greeted by R's nut, Paul 'Wig' Moore running towards me, donning his blue and white wig and a painted face, he stopped and yelled - 'BBC have just announced there is 'NO POINTS DEDUCTION!!!'. Before I could utter a response, people were literally sprinting out of the pub, cheering and hugging anyone they could get hold off, tears in many an eye. After all the shit we had all been through - WE HAD DONE IT, WE WERE CHAMPIONS and WE WERE NOW, PREMIER LEAGUE!!!!!

We then made our way outside the Stadium to join more jubilant R's fans in serious party mood!! Some of the gang headed into the bar whilst myself and Jenson hung around a bit longer to wait for a chap Jenson had to give a ticket too and in the mean time, were lucky enough to be confronted by Clem and his cameras from the Football League show to ask our reaction. At around midnight, my phone actually went bananas with friends and family texting me to tell me we had been on the telly on this momentus day, happy days!!!

We joined the gang once more for a pre match beer - yes, there was a match going on, but in truth, I don't think any of us much cared about it and wanted to start the party. But we went to our seats shortly before the kick off to welcome the Champions and join the sea of blue and white...

Loftus Road was soon jumping as after just 26 seconds. Helguson found the back of the net from about a yard after Schmeichel failed to hold on to Faurlin's shot. Leeds were level seven minutes before the break when Richard Naylor's long ball into the area was met first by Gradel, who nudged it past a hesitant Cerny. Despite this, the singing and celebrating went on as the gang went down to the very busy bar at half time.

For one reason or another, I didn't make it back to my seat until very late in the second half, by which time, Leeds were in front - McCormack surged into the area and let fly with a shot that took a deflection off Peter Ramage, giving Cerny no chance. Tommy Smith forced Schmeichel to tip over his header before the Smith again brought out another great block from the Leeds stopper. Gorkss then headed a foot wide from the resulting corner. But the equalising goal did not come and the final whistle blew on a fantastic season and the celebrations, officially began.

QPR: Cerny, Orr, Hill (Ramage 66), Derry, Helguson (Shittu 72), Buzsaky (Taarabt 55), Faurlin, Gorkss, Routledge, Connolly, Smith. Subs: Putnins, Agyemang, Vaagan-Moen, Ephraim.

It would have been nice to end the season with a win, especially over the self acclaimed, 'Champions of Europe', in our Cup Final, but when that trophy was lifted high by Adel Taarabt, I'm sure the game was soon forgotten...

We all then descended into Shepherds Bush, which was like a carnival, with the streets a sea of blue and white and every pub having hundreds of fans partying. We started our celebrations in our own haunt, the British Queen, before a more relaxed but enjoyable jaunt to Shepherds Bush Green, then was onto the Goldhawk before settling at O'Donohues for a couple of hours, before the gang started to go their seperate ways and into the night. An absolutely amazing day and one of, if not the best footballing experience I have ever lived!! I hope all R's fans had as an enjoyable time as I did, which thinking about it, is a pretty stupid statement and I am sure there were sore heads aplenty this morning.

As I bring the curtain down on Lofty Heights season, I would like to thank you all once again for your continued support of these pages and hope you will return next season for what is a Lofty Heights first... Reports from QPR in the Premier League!!!

CHAMPIONES!!! COME ON YOU R'ssssssss!!!!!


  • At 10:56 pm, Anonymous peter chadburn said…

    A lovely day after so many years to see a trophy being lifted. however my conclusion is that the disrepute charge should be appealed and the slur of dishonesty removed. disrepute should really be the fa themselves for the 8 months of delay.

  • At 8:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Many thanks to all at Lofty Heights for all the match reports this season , please keep them going !!!
    Looking forward to a very exciting time in the QPR history . . . . . .who knows ??????????


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