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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Things Never Change...

QPR 0-2 Rochdale

The curse of a Cup Competition struck again at Loftus Road, as Rochdale ran out 2-0 winners in the Carling Cup this evening against an under strength, but more than capable, QPR.

With the R's now in the Premier League, we were spared the agony of the First Round this year, with tha agony being delayed slightly for the second round. Like most of the early rounds, they are hardly a big draw, attendance wise and myself, Jenson and California Hoop were all that were there from the troops tonight, for one reason or the other. But I have to say, the ones that stayed away made a VERY wise decision.

With a low attendance expected, our normal seats in the Upper Loft were not available tonight, so we were shifted over to the South Africa Road stand for an uncomfortable first half - and that doesn't mean what was going on on the pitch! Anyone near or over 6ft tall is going to struggle in this stand and I spent the first half with my knees firmy wedged into the seat in front of me.

When the half time whistle blew, I stood up and let the blood start to re-circulate back into my lower legs and feet and we decided to move to the sparcely populated lower loft for a bit more comfort - and after managing to sweet talk a very understanding steward, we were kindly let through the gate and into a stand with much more leg room.

Anyway, onto the game...

Rochdale deservedly won 2-0...

QPR: Murphy, Orr (Harriman 31), Taarabt, Bothroyd, Perone, Connolly, Ephraim, Shittu, Andrade, Cook (Hewitt 73), Rowlands (Derry 71). Subs: Cerny, Buzsaky, Gibbons, German.

Man of the Match - it was unanimous between the three of us - the very kind steward that let us pass into the Lower Loft at half time, takes tonights vote.

To summarise, I must first give Rochdale the credit they deserve for their win. They were bang up for the challenge and took their goals very well - the second being a delightful chip from Gary Jones. We wish you all the very best in the next round and all the best of luck for the rest of the season.

But this was so disappointing in so many ways from a QPR perspective. It is blatantly obvious, with 8 team changes from Saturday, that the Premier League is the priority this season - and rightly so. But Rangers just didn't look at all interested and this game seemed to be used as a run out for a good few of the players and nothing more. In my opinion, the line up was stronger than anticipated and more than capable of beating Rochdale, with all due respect of course. Lee Cook and Martin Rowlands were extremely poor and I expected better from two players that you think would be out to prove a point. It must also be mentioned of just how unfit and out of shape Lee Cook looked. Bruno Andrade was the one shining light for me personally tonight.

Anyway, come Saturday I am sure this will all be forgotten about as we travel ridculously early to Wigan. Lofty Heights will be well represented at the game once more and Lee will return with what will no doubt be another unique away report.

Come on You R'ssssssssssssss!!!!


  • At 6:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Did we really expect any different? Well with the team that was put out yes as most of the players on the field are (allegedly) good enough to be beating league 1 opposition. Rochdale came and fought to win and got what they deserved so fair play to them, but i can handle it when the team plays badly, but not when there is such a lack of effort involved. Hogan and Andrade were the only ones to me who looked liked they cared about the result. I know that the premiership is our priority but after paying £15.00 (plus £3.50 booking fee) for watching that performance to then have Warnock say he doesnt care about the game and is glad we lost makes the night a complete ptake.


  • At 1:17 pm, Anonymous FarcicalFootball said…

    Are you angry about this?? I’m not even a QPR fan but I’m livid! If I remember rightly the only trophy QPR have won was in 67 and it was the League Cup!!

    I just don’t understand it at all. Ok only 4,000 people turned up but that happens in the early rounds of most cups, they get exciting when you can sniff Wembley, not when you can smell Bristol Rovers away. And apparently it was £15 (plus £3.50 booking fee...) a ticket to watch a team that weren’t motivated because in his own words “If I can’t get motivated for the competition I can’t blame the players if they can’t.”

    Really quite angry


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