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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Depressing Evening of Football...

Blackburn 2-0 QPR

Blackburn did their play off chances no harm at all this evening, by putting yet another big dent in QPR's own promotion hopes, running out 2-0 winners at Ewood Park.

Unfortunately, being such a long haul midweek and with Jenson currently partying in Las Vegas, there was no LH representation in Blackburn tonight, for what was, I am sad to say, a very predictable outcome.

Much has been said throughout the season about Redknapp's inability to field a settled side for consecutive games, but even the most ardent of R's fans, couldn't help but be shocked and indeed, worried when tonight's line up was announced;

QPR Green; Simpson, Dunne, Young, Assou-Ekotto (Yun 77); Hoilett, Henry, Benayoun, Carroll (Maiga 68); Morrison; Keane (Austin 68).
Subs not used: Murphy, Donaldson, O’Neil, Zamora.

The surprises being starts for the 'I just cannot be arsed' Assou-Ekotto, Will Keane of which we are all still waiting to see just what exactly this lad offers and how on earth did he ever get signed by Man United and a shock return for the almost forgotten man, Luke Young. If there was ever a midfield to not warrant playing against a team from the North, it would not have Carroll and Benayoun in it..

But there again, most R's fans questioned the line up for the Middlesbrough away game which saw a 3-1 winning return.. so would this happen again??

No of course not..

I searched unsuccessfully for a stream on kick off time, but by the time I had given up and looked for audio sources elsewhere, we were already behind after a 9th minute goal from Gestede.

The reports coming through on the social media from people at the game, were by no means favourable and shortly after the half time break, we were 2 down - Spurr's effort apparently squirming under Rob Green before finding the net.

If I am honest, my interest was now below zero and my next glance at the football was at full time and to make it worse, those from down the road had scored a late winner to progress to the Champions League Semi Final. A very depressing football evening indeed..

and now for a moan...

Well, we know about the injuries and we know about all the loanees but it is puzzling to see and explain just how this season has turned out like it has. At the end of the game tonight, we currently sit in fourth spot, a mile away from the auto spots but with a nine point cushion for the play off positions. Now if there is any team in a false position, I am afraid it's us. Things have not been quite the same since McClaren left us for Derby and an absolutely dreadful transfer window has seen this season simply just fizzle out.

The amazing thing is, at the end of May, we could well be celebrating our return to the Premier League!! But personally, I would rather just write off this season and build again in the Championship next season. I know I am not alone in thinking that promotion could be an absolute disaster as all HR would do, is convince TF that he will need several more players in order for us to compete and the same mistakes would happen all over again..

We seriously would, be better off staying down for another season, dare I say with a new Manager? and a partner for Charlie Austin. That is all we will need and we can start bringing through promising and hungry youngsters such as Hitchcock, Harriman, Ehmer and Petrasso etc and off loading some of the expensive mistakes we continue to make. Use the loan system, but use it wisely, not bring in so many that we don't have enough room to play them all and continually rotate the team to accommodate them. It would help also, if they were at least interested in playing for our beloved club..

I will sign off now and await Harry Redknapp's latest bout of excuses and what a great club, Blackburn are with a fantastic history etc (no disrespect intended Rovers fans)

Lee will return at the weekend following the live TV clash with Forest, with hopefully some more refreshing things to report on..

Come on you R'sssssssssss!!!


  • At 10:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You couldn't have said it better. We need another season in the Championship we're not good enough for the Premiership at the moment. We've got a great branch of youngsters who are chomping at the bit for a chance to play in the senior side.

  • At 11:00 pm, Blogger Superhoops17 said…

    I am running out of excuses to defend the shambolic latest displays of our beloved team. I have always remain upbeat despite our poor performances lately, thinking it's only a blip and we will be turning things around. Tonight defeat against Blackburn have all but dashed the faintest hope I had that we could pip burley at the post for the second automatic place and now I have serious doubts that we might not even make the playoffs with the way we are playing and all our rivals going from strength to strength.
    It's not rocket science, goals win matches but are we really trying hard enough ? Probably we need to draw arrows on the pitch to point when the goals are and where they need to be heading rather that be contented to win the ball possession percentage in the midfield and going backwards instead of going forward.
    One player does not make a team and having used the absence of Charlie Austin as our inability to score goals is just loads of grabs.
    Dare to attack our opponents, put them under pressure constantly, only then they will commit mistakes and these mistakes in turn could change our fortunes around.

  • At 4:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are very wrong if you think it would be helpful to wait a year to get back to the Premier League. It is always going to be tough to survive there and waiting a year won't help. Plus you need to grab the chance if it is there when it is there or it could be another 20 years to wait. Plus redknapp has not been rotating the team but selecting from a depleted squad. At full strength we have a good chance in the play-offs, say 30%? Austin and Philips have been sound buys, not to mention Morrison. Who exactly are your expensive mistakes? Not the loan players, as they will return to their clubs. And most of the others were not expensive. It's clear that there is an issue with older players, which is injury. Yet Dunne has played right through. Hoilett hasn't really done it, but he was not brought in by Harry, as I am sure you remember. Please do not spread negativity. Support the team and don't be like those Arsenal fans who think they have a right to come top.

  • At 9:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Goodbye Harry thanks for nothing
    I'm still in shock we went 15 games undefeated at the start of the season
    for the first time in my very long and laborious time supporting the Rs
    I just dont care I expect us to lose
    play badly and just not compete
    that is what you have given me
    so please go Harry asap
    to sum it up
    your time in charge has made watching the Rs BORING

  • At 8:56 am, Anonymous click goals said…

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