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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Same Outcome with the Same Old Excuses..

Burnley 2-1 QPR

It seems I sit here and write these notes after an away game when all I really need to do is copy and paste the opening paragraph.. but as you are no doubt all aware by now, Rangers away day woes continued away at Burnley, making that 10 out of 10 defeats on the road this season, setting a new record along the way...

Now, despite horrendous conditions, the trip there and back for myself, Jenson and PK was surprisingly trouble free and the ease was most welcome. Since returning home not so long ago now, I logged online to start compiling this report and perhaps stupidly, clicked the play button on a video of Harry Redknapp's post match press interview and as said in the opening paragraph about writing away day notes, the same could be said of a Redknapp interview following a defeat - and this was no different at all as the regular excuses began to flow..

But what really got under my skin on this occasion, is when he stated that 8 of the team playing today were playing in the Championship last year?? He also stated that in said season, that we finished miles behind Burnley and Leicester and we are where we are? What an absolute crock of bullshit.  My I remind you, Mr Redknapp is that a matter of weeks ago, we beat both Leicester and Burnley at home!! Did we hear you bemoaning the 'Championship' squad then?? No, of course not..

So, what exactly are you saying here, Harry? That our squad isn't good enough? Are you moaning or have the hump because Tony Fernandes is not giving you another large bundle of cash to spend on players in this current Transfer Window to bail you out of the shit yet again? The last few interviews he has made it very clear that we are after a couple of loans and that's it. He then went onto say that Austin and Zamora are the only strikers he has at the club!?! I'm sorry Mr Redknapp but you have been here long enough now and our very generous Chairman has given you more than enough resources to build your squad! This is YOUR team and you must start taking some responsibility because quite frankly, the excuses we are hearing every time we get beat, are wearing extremely thin now..

And then there is Adel Taarabt..

Adel was in the squad today despite being publically slated by Redknapp a while ago for being 3 stone overweight, not training, not wanting to play football etc. Now the Taarabt debate has certainly divided the R's support and myself personally, I feel that if the above is true and that he doesn't want to train or indeed be here, then he should go. But in saying that, he was certainly our best player today..

Onto the game and as I have one eye on MOTD as I am writing this, the goals look no better. We were actually looking very dangerous going forward in the first half with Austin hitting the post and Vargas bringing a fine save from Heaton. But the defending at the other end was shocking to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, they were excellent finishes from Arfield and Ings, but Arfield skipped a half hearted challenge from Isla far too easily before turning Dunne and Barton before slotting home.. and Caulker should have done far better with the lofted ball over to Ings who gave him a little nudge, held him off before side footing home. Between that, Charlie Austin fired home from the penalty spot after being brought down by Dean Marney.

Despite having plenty of the ball in the second half, Rangers threatened little and if anyone was going to add to the scoring, it would be the home side - and they did have a third goal from Barnes chalked off for a foul on Green, which to say the least, seemed a bit harsh.

In the final seconds of the game, Rangers forced two late corners, one of which saw Caulkers header tipped over by Heaton. But Redknapp telling Rob Green in apathetic fashion to stay in his goal and not come forward, was baffling to say the least..

Queens Park Rangers
  • 01 Green
  • 14 Isla
  • 22 Dunne
  • 04 Caulker
  • 06 Hill (Traore - 75' Booked )
  • 24 Vargas (Zárate - 76' )
  • 20 Henry (Zamora - 69' )
  • 08 Barton Booked
  • 10 Fer
  • 27 Taarabt
  • 09 Austin


  • 03 Traore
  • 07 Phillips
  • 12 McCarthy
  • 15 Onuoha
  • 17 Mutch
  • 25 Zamora
  • 29 Zárate
Man of the Match

Lee texted through his choice of Isla but after myself and PK changed our minds from our original choices of Fer and Green, we agreed with Jenson's choice and went with Adel Taarabt.

By now I'm sure you have seen or heard the reports of certain players getting into arguments with supporters after the game, a subject of which I am not going to dwell on at this time. But what I will say was, that despite the woeful away record, the fans turned out in horrendous conditions once again, in good numbers and during the match, were first class in support of the team. We deserve so much better than to continually hear the crap that Harry Redknapp keeps coming out with..

Lee will return next week as the Man United bandwagon rolls into Shepherds Bush, but until then..

Keep the Faith and Come on you R'ssssss!!


  • At 11:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well said,the poor silly same old champonship excuses wearing thin beyond belief,simply another generally poor away performance.
    With Capt.Barton giving the ball away,giving the rest a good example to follow,even Caulker had worst ever game,and Dunne 'hoof' it up to a Burnley player,"whatever happened to QPR keeping it on the ground?!! Adel one of a few,who did ok.,not bad for a first start!
    We're a 4-4-2 team,Charlie just needs a bit more help!,it's not bloody rocet science,ARRY!!!.
    Sorry relegation all over at this rate,we simply look the worst.

  • At 3:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I dislike seeing Harry giving the same excuses for yet another loss. What are he and his management team doing? How much are the coaches to blame? So many questions. I got to thinking yesterday that perhaps Tony Fernandes and the Board have resigned themselves to relegation already and hence they are not going to let Harry spend any more money, given his mediocre record on transfers. South Coast Ranger

  • At 4:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Truth be told, we were not ready for promotion last season. Wembley was wonderful, but the we simply were not ready for the top flight. We need a new central defender, and a holding midfielder, and another striker. We're going to have to win away from home to stay in this division.


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