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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two Stay, Eight Released...

It has been decision day at Loftus Road as 10 players found out their fate this afternoon and to some, there may have been a few suprises along the way...

Firstly, congrats go to Marcus Bignot and Marc Nygaard who have been given new 1 year deals with the club!

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But, we say goodbye to...

Simon Royce, Paul Jones, Kevin Gallen, Marc Bircham, Steve Lomas, Mauro Milanese, Paul Furlong and Armel Tchakounte.

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Personally, I am a bit upset with Furlong and Bircham leaving. Also, Steve Lomas was a bit of a surprise seeing as JG constantly singled him out for credit.

The decision to let two keepers go, hopefully means that the Lee Camp deal will be imminent and seeing as though I had pretty much concrete info that Kevin Gallen fell out with JG, that didn't surprise me at all. However, Milanese and Tchakounte were pretty much expected.

All of us here at Lofty Heights would like to thank all of the above for their efforts - we wish you all well!!


  • At 1:34 pm, Blogger bobo said…

    Wow, a lot of news. It is sad to be saying goodbye to Furs and Gallen, they are great guys to have on a team.

    I'm a little surprised at letting Royce go considering there is no announced deal to bring in another senior keeper. Royce played really well last year until he got injured and didn't have a bad season this year until Southend. Being left in there seems to have soured his relationship with JG.

    I'd definitely like to add my thanks to all of the guys that wore the hoops and kept us up this year.


  • At 8:43 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    absolutely mate! Nice one Bobo :-)

  • At 2:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I dont think there were any real surprises in the selections although Nygard wbeing kept on would have probaly raised a few eyebrows.

    I have to congratulate Bignot on getting a new deal as he had a totalaly proffesional attitude in regards to proving himself to the manager, as proved by your interview with him last year ;-)

    To the guys who have gone i would like to wish all the best in the future and thanks for your efforts while wearing the hoops.



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