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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Problems on the Home Front...

QPR 0-2 Plymouth

Rangers fell to their fourth consecutive home defeat, their third in the league in what was a relatively comfortable evenings work for former boss, Ian Holloway and his Plymouth side.

The fact that I am sitting here writing this report at 1.30am, is indication enough that I am struggling to do so. The team selection this evening was baffling enough, what with just one change from Saturdays side, Nardiello for Sahar. I am not one for getting on players backs, but could someone please tell me what Stefan Moore did at the Walkers Stadium to warrant his place tonight?!? - the same could be said of Zesh Rehman.

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What was also baffling was tonights match programme, with comments reading the following;

"It's time we made Loftus road a fortress again" - Adam Bolder.

"It's a brilliant all-round squad" - Danny Nardiello.

"Midweek matches under the floodlights at Loftus Road are always very special". - John Gregory

Perhaps tonight, if we had started the game with the team that finished it, this may have been a completely different report I would be writing now. Nardiello hit the bar with a header in the first half, and Rowlands free kick also found the woodwork. But to be honest, there was little else to enthuse about. After Halmosi made Rehman look as ordinary as he is and fired his shot into the corner on 49 minutes, you could see the Rangers heads dropping from a mile away - and on 62 minutes, it was all over as a contest as Norris fired home from close range. I am never one for excuses, but it has to be said that Rangers inept performace was accompanied by probably the worst set of officials I have seen in some time. Also, it has to be mentioned that Barry Hayles gets more annoying and more irritating with every time I see him play.

QPR: Camp, Barker, Cullip, Stewart, Bolder, Nardiello (Sahar 81), Blackstock, Rowlands, Moore (Ephraim 58), Rehman (Bignot 58), Leigertwood. Subs: Cole, Curtis.

Lofty's Man of the Match - N/A

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Many are now saying that John Gregory is now skating on very thin ice. I for one, am a fan of JG's and would like to think that after saving us last season, he deserves a chance. But the team look out of sorts, short of confidence and showing no signs of improvement as the weeks are going by. Also, the midfield, with players playing out of position are looking lightweight and lacking in creativity and are consistantly being overun and let's face it, the abysmal form of Sheffield Wednesday is the only reason that we are not bottom of the table. As I close this evening, the only advice I would offer in light of Saturday's game, is that Hogan Ephraim must start against Watford.


  • At 3:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good report and very accurate. JG is gone there is no doubt about that. Last season Lee Cook saved JG. The new owners saw last night what needs to be done. Nick Ward is a creative midfielder who plays in a style that is Italian, balls to feet and less long balls over the midfield why Gregory hates this player is mystery. As for Moore in the team ???

  • At 9:54 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Thank you. As I said, I like Gregory and do sincerely feel he deserves his chance. As for Stefan Moore, well, how many chances has this guy had? I have thought the same about him since he has arrived at the Club and I really am baffled how is continually in the side.

  • At 10:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am at a loss to know why JG picked the team that he did. As you say if we had started with the team we finished with then things might have been different! Stefan Moore has had more chances to impress than anyone else..yet still looks totally out of his depth. Nicky Ward has got to be worth a try (maybe in the middle)with Rowly left and Ephraim right and I am beginning to wonder about Adam Boulder - he looks awful. As for Zesh well he tried! Don't we miss Cookie tho? JGs record is poor and defeat Saturday could spell the end. I like him but his faith in certain players,his transfer acumen and dislike of NW is showing. But please no booing of selected players when the teams are read out or subs when they come on or players go off. Difficult I know...

  • At 11:08 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    thanks for your comment, yet another anonymous...

    I take what you have said on board. Nick Ward has had chances in this team and hasnt taken them. I for one, wouldn't put him in my side! But hey, we all become managers when things go wrong dont we?

    as for you last comment - But please no booing of selected players when the teams are read out or subs when they come on or players go off. Difficult I know...

    I hope that it wasn't aimed at me personally, because that does NOT happen!!

  • At 1:17 pm, Blogger bobo said…

    Good report Lofty and I appreciate it was not easy to write. The schedule is pretty tough coming up and the team really wasted a chance to get some points at home.

    I completely agree that JG should be given more time. There were a lot of times during the Rs run at the end of last season when I looked at the team selection before a match and shook my head, only to see the team play well and win. I think he deserves some breathing room to get on with his job.


  • At 9:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    JG has got to go. Last night is arguable the worst game of football I've ever seen. His team selection is ridiculous and his choice of captain even worse. Bolder is an absolute cart horse. He lacks creativity and pace. Rehman has been given several chances but always makes a costly error. As for Moore, was he on the park? Dex and Nards are both quality. Without Cookie's penetration we cannot expect them to score. They need balls at their feet. Nick Ward is not the answer either. A new right back, left winger and central midfielder are required urgently on loan or well be too far behind to be saved by Flavio's money come January. Sort it out. Felsy

  • At 2:16 am, Anonymous joe said…

    good write up Lofty :)

  • At 8:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No mate not aimed at you or anyone personally! Sit in SA Rd and the negativity towards certain players is bad (Nygaard for one). Now I criticise (like we all do) but I don't boo. My form of criticism is made with irony or sarcasm not continual personal attacks.

  • At 11:54 am, Anonymous SB said…

    Always makes me chuckle when fans say "that was the worst game I have seen QPR play" - over the years there have been some absolutely abominable performances!
    Vauxhall Motors was ten times worse!

    I thought we played OK in the first half - second half we were dreadful though.

    Anyway - your photo of Bernie & Flav in the match report would make a great caption competition!!



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