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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Lofty Heights Awards 2014.......

It's that time again where the Lofty Heights Gang have assembled their votes on the season that has passed by and voted on their Player of the Season and the highlights we have had whilst travelling up and down the country over the course of the last nine months.

LH Player of the Season - Joey Barton
                      Runner-Up - Charlie Austin

LH Young Player of the Season - Ravel Morrison
                                   Runner-Up - Tom Hitchcock

Signing of the Season - Charlie Austin, who else!!

Worst Player of the Season - Will Keane

Goal of the Season - Charlie Austin vs Charlton

Best Home Game - Nottingham Forest

Best Away Day - Blackpool

Worst Game of the Season - Charlton Away

Biggest Wanker of the Season - Assou-Ekotto

The Alan Knight Latecomer Award - Lee and Jess, for arriving half an hour late into the Millwall game

The Gordon McNamara Corporate Award - Lofty and Jenson

Song of the Season - Dunne, Dunne, Dunne (to the sound of Paul Johnson - Get Down)

Assist of the Season - The Riverside Bobble for Bobble Zamora's goal at Middlesbrough

Surprise Package - Charlie Austin for his 'bulge' as pointed out by Jess and Sam

Best Celebratory Injury - Sam's massive bruise on her leg following Onuoha's goal line clearance at Leicester
 photo IMG-20140426-WA002.jpg

Best Striptease - PK changing from shorts to jeans in the car park in Leicester
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Most Hungover - Jenson after many a late night booze up

Newest Good Luck Charm - Coral after she attended her first game against Nottingham Forest and we ended up winning 5-2

Geographical Genius - Jess for thinking Bournemouth is up near Manchester/Liverpool

The Fastest Driver Award - Jenson for his whizzing up and down the motorways for away games

The Safest Driver Award - Lee, never in a rush

Most Shocking Admission - Luke admitting he'd swallow Charlie Austin's 'special sauce'

The Neil Warnock 'Who Can Wear Shorts the Longest into the Winter' Award - Lofty and PK

The 'I'm Honestly Watching the Game with my Eyes Closed award' - Lofty for looking as if he was asleep when caught on camera at the game at Leicester. (Top left corner)
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The Viagogo Award - Lorna for the usage for selling home tickets this season

LH Supporter of the Year - Lofty narrowly wins this one by attending just two games more than his closest rival.

LH Hardcore Fan of the Year - Zach Sutton. He's there through thick and thin and even grows his own hat.
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  • At 4:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I read some online QPR supporters saying they dont promotion so they can can clear the decks and rebuild in the summer.

    I agree with this but also I dont want promotion next season either so we can clear the decks and rebuild in the following summer.

    and the season after that too, and the next one, and for the next thousand years after that, because clearing the decks and rebuilding in the following summer is what football is all about :)


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