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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Away Di-saster for QPR..

Man United 4-0 QPR

QPR turned in another away day nightmare, as a new look Man United comfortably claimed their first win of the season at Old Trafford this afternoon.

Unfortunately, there was no LH representation in Manchester this afternoon, as we all collectively, and stuck to our guns by simply refusing to pay a massive £46 for a live TV game, as well as the impending Motorway madness that was predicted a week or so ago, with the M6 pretty much screwed for the majority of the Old Trafford crowd travelling back to the South after the game.

I must say, I have not been looking forward to these notes since the final whistle and now some hours later, I am still absolutely furious! Anyway, so the TV it was today, or should I say a total Man United 'Love Fest'. As far as the TV and media were concerned, their was only one team playing today and their were to be many of their very expensive new recruits on display.

I tuned in at 3.30 and apart from a brief, minute long interview with Harry Redknapp, it was the Manchester United show!

Unusually, Rangers chose to wear their all white 3rd choice kit today instead of the blue and white hoops.. well, we may as well have carried a white flag out with it!! If I was to cut and paste the Spurs report from a few weeks back and just changed a few names, I'm sure not a lot of people would notice the difference.

Well, I assume we all saw the match so I am not going to put everyone through the pain again, but up until Di Maria's cross that went in, we weren't doing that bad at all.. nothing as an attacking threat, but defending well enough. Bu Herrera and Rooney put the game out of sight before half time, before Mata made it four on the hour with embarrassing ease. Thankfully, United took their foot of the gas a little and introduced Falcao to the crowd with just over 20 minutes to go. Only a save close range from Rob Green prevented a debut goal. With Traore on in the second half, it was much improved from Rangers, but we should have got at that suspect defence long before the second half.

In keeping with the weekends Man United 'athon', I will this week post their line up from the day, instead of our own... because as mentioned, the media suggested their was only one team playing today and sadly after today's showing, I think they were right...

Manchester United

  • 01 de Gea
  • 06 Evans
  • 02 Rafael (A Valencia - 67' )
  • 05 Rojo
  • 42 Blackett
  • 08 Mata (Falcao - 67' )
  • 07 Di María (Januzaj - 82' )
  • 17 Blind
  • 21 Herrera
  • 20 van Persie Booked
  • 10 Rooney


  • 03 Shaw
  • 09 Falcao
  • 11 Januzaj
  • 13 Lindegaard
  • 24 Fletcher
  • 25 A Valencia
  • 44 Pereira
Man of the Match

..for the 2nd time this season, I have refused any nominations, but again, keeping with the TOTAL  Man United 'Love In' Weekend theme, todays award goes to Angel Di Maria for a fine home debut.

It was obvious that we have learned nothing from the Spurs defeat. As QPR supporters, we can take defeat and the occasional thumping, but to go away from home and not even have a go makes this extremely frustrating. I only hope this is addressed as more beltings will surely be coming our way..

With Lee and Jess shortly off on their holidays, I will return next weekend following the visit of Stoke and that bloke who manages them now...

As always, Keep the Faith and Come on you R'ssssssssssssss!!


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