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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ready to Go?

San Antonio 0-4 QPR

Goals from Ward, Nygaard, Baidoo and Jones gave Rangers a comfortable victory in their last friendly before the big kick off.

Reports are suggesting that this was overall a good performance, with Ainsworth and Bignot highlighted as the star men. It was a strong Rangers line up and one that I think won't be too far away from the Burnley line up.

QPR -Jones 7, Bignot 8, Rose 8 (Kanyuka 7), Fortune 7, Milanese 6 (Howell 6), Ainsworth 8, Rowlands 7 (Bailey 6), Ward 7, Cook 7, Nygaard 6 (Jones 6), Czerkas 6 (Baidoo 6).

Waddock seems to have decided that his first choice midfield will be Cook, Ward, Rowlands and Ainsworth. But the other positions are not so clear - i.e. the Dan Shittu situation, reported injuries to Gallen and Rowlands and the rumoured arrival of Dexter Blackstock on Monday... hopefully ;)

Whatever happens, the waiting is almost over and the time has come again.

Come on you R'ssssssssssss!!



  • At 8:16 am, Anonymous SB said…

    Can't wait for the season to start now! I've even forgotten already about that World Cup thingy!


  • At 10:47 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    it's getting close now mate, will you be at Burnley?

  • At 10:51 am, Anonymous SB said…

    No, Im away for the weekend, was thinking about going too. Have you got the away ST again this year?

    Although its only one game I think it's an important game for us, Burnley are a team that we should be beating, plus it should give us more of an idea about Waddock as a manager, it's HIS team now (rather than Holloway's).

  • At 3:28 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    thats a shame, and yes I have signed up for the away ST for this season. Basically, the tickets will be guaranteed for trips such as Southend and Colchester etc...

    I agree with what you say about Burnley, but after seeing the boys pre season, I am going into the game full of confidence... which MAY be a bad thing! ;)


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