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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bits and Pieces...

Well, the new season is now days away and the buzz is definitely starting to return. My Season Ticket arrived weeks ago, and my Burnley and Preston tickets arrived last Friday and now it all seems real again!

The close season was nicely broken up with the World Cup, and shortly after that, the friendlies started. Okay, Aldershot, Stevenage and Gillingham were not as glamorous as we would have liked (not forgetting the short Italy tour of course), but personally, I saw enough to feel positive about the season ahead.

The new signings all look like they have settled in well, and as yet, there have been no major outgoings in the squad. Our midfield (if all fit) of Ainsworth, Ward, Rowlands and Cook, looks as good as any midfield in the division.

As for these pages, well, the new format you are looking at, was designed with the new season in mind. But thanks to the World Cup, has been largely up and running throughout the summer. Since the World Cup finished, it has been quieter than normal - some of the gang seem to have forgotten how to comment, some haven't even learnt HOW to comment yet ;) Some of the gang I have seen quite a bit socially throughout the summer, whereas some seem to have vanished off the face of the earth.

The successful 'Pie Rating' from last season will not carry on this year, although it may feature with the new arrivals to the Championship, who knows? I asked around for some ideas for some new features, and nothing has come forward as yet. The 'guest reporter' also looks like it won't happen, despite a great report from Corporate for the England v Jamaica game - but again, there has been no feedback from that. All this began to add to my lack of enthusiasm for the page, somewhere I really didn't want to go. But I will battle on for a while yet...

But there will be the same, honest, match reports - along with team listings and Lofty's man of the match. There will also be photos where possible. If you haven't heard, the Football League are clamping dowm on showing match photos on independent web pages/blogs. But until I hear otherwise (or stopped by stewards inside the stadium), they will continue on here... BUT will be my efforts with my camera!

Here's to a great season and Come on you R'ssssssssssss!!!



  • At 5:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hello lofty

    i am quite looking forward to the new season. the bit i see of ward against gillingham he looked quality and as you said the first choice midfeld will be a match for anyone. i still think we could do with some cover at fullback and need another striker (blackstock?) but other than that sunny days could be on there way back to sheperds bush. if the worse happens with the photo situation me and pk can always recreate the goals or celebrations for you :) keep up the good work and see ya saturday.


  • At 5:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    one more thing not the best at footie report but can always do a guest gig review :)

  • At 5:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Lofty

    I have had the hardest summer you know about the problems at work and as for all the double booking I did with friendly games and the wedding’s I have been a busy little bee.

    I as you know would love to try with your help do a match report.
    Have been checking the site lots check it most days but am still up to my neck in it at work. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday with PK DJ also there will be Darren & our new American support is flying just for the game.
    I am also ringing SB tonight we are trying to meet up for a beer with Bob UB another Ranger next week.

    Any way mate keep the faith with this trust me a lot of people read and enjoy your honest reporting (hope if I do get a go wont mess it up too much);-) .

    Let’s hope rangers can make us all happy with a good no Great season.

    Come on you Rrrss

  • At 6:00 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…


    Thanks for that. I agree about the full back cover, and the Blackstock thing has gone VERY quiet all of a sudden!

    Looks like you are also optimistic after seeing the signings. Okay, they are NOT big money buys, but they look extremely shrewd!!

    This goal celebration thing sounds a quality idea... but the Offish have beaten us too it :(

    Gig reviews... tried it, it works, go for it mate!

    See you Saturday!


    Yes I heard you have joined Gang 2 for the trip!

    Will see you up there!

    Come on you R's!!

  • At 12:49 am, Blogger bobo said…

    What, no pie ratings! Please reconsider!

    I'm really hoping the Hoops get a couple of good results early on; starting against Burnley would be great. It has been a while since QPR got three points from a league match so they need to get out of the gate fast.

  • At 8:59 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Hi Bobo

    Thanks for the comment, great to hear from you. Let's hope we do get some good results early doors as we have a pretty tough start... as well as 3 long away trips to start - Burnley, Preston and Plymouth. But it will be good to see Ollie again :)

    As for the Pie Rating, I don't know about that mate, for a couple of reasons. 1. Was done last year and it may be a case of been there, done that... and 2. Some pies have been so good, that more than one have been sampled in the past, and I have to think of mine and the gangs waistlines ;P

  • At 9:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Yes am not going to take the Mick and thought it best if we took another car, Would have been nice if we had know early how many were going we could have got a bus sorted, But it now looks as if we could have a convey.
    Any way from your reports it looks as if it could be a good year for the Rangers.
    Let’s hope we do, We need a win under our belts early on.
    And as SB said “we should be winning games against teams like Burnley.


  • At 9:29 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Not really the time or place to have this discussion. But what I will say is, there is no way 6 can squeeze in my car anyway. It was so bad at Leicester, 5 is a no no so there HAS to be another car, that was never really in question.

    As for convoys, well, lets hope there is a mass of Rangers cars on the motorway. But personally, after the last one we did, when AN Other kept us all waiting for 1 hour, then chose to go a different way whilst on the motorway!!??!! means that wont be happening this time.

    As I said, the best thing will be if we just meet up when we get there. It will save mucking about. No doubt you already know where we will be having a pint...

    As for the game, well, as mentioned I am optimistic, but also remember that opening day has often brought some VERY strange results.

    Anyways, see you Saturday and Come On You R'sssssss!!


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