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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Changing Fortunes?

QPR 3-1 Burnley

Rangers made their stay in the bottom three a temporary one with an impressive victory over Burnley. For not the first time this season, the report is being written on a Sunday morning. Yes, with a hangover and yes, after watching the Championship on ITV. But this time, it was to enjoy the Rangers goals rather than be watching for bad refereeing decisions. The hangover was obtained after the gang moved the celebrations to the excellent Dog Chewed the Handle gig at the Brook House.

Despite the doom and gloom after the Barnsley defeat, there seemed to be quite a positive spin amongst the gang. Although not entirely deliberate, we changed our pre match pub to the Queen Adelaide rather than the British Queen to perhaps, change the routine and bring a change of luck too. A change which was also evident as inside the stadium, Rangers had swapped dugouts too!

Well whatever changed yesterday, it was definitely for the better as Rangers put in a fine performance that belied our lowly position. The formation, which was officially a 3-4-3 baffled everyone at times, but if it works with these results, who cares?

Lee Cook gave Rangers the lead on 13 minutes with a neat finish into the bottom corner after a through ball from Bolder. However the lead lasted just five minutes when McCann levelled the scores for Burnley. The half time score was probably about fair. But the second half was all Rangers!

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Cook's corner was headed home by Blackstock on 55 minutes and despite having several more chances to extend the lead, we had to wait until the 72nd minute to make the game safe with another set piece. Rowland's corner was headed home by Corporate's favourite player, Steve Lomas and at last, Rangers positive play had been rewarded.

QPR: Royce, Cullip, Bolder, Ainsworth, Rowlands, Lomas, Cook, Stewart, Timoska, Blackstock, Mancienne. Subs: Cole, Rehman, Nygaard, Jones, Smith.

Lofty's Man of the Match - so many to choose from today. The 3 new boys Timoska, Cullip and Bolder had fine games. Blackstock's usual tireless perormance was rewarded with a goal. But for a fine goal, an assist and a constant threat going forward, the man of the match for me was Lee Cook.

Rangers were the only team in the bottom eight to win and this was a much needed three points for everyone when we all needed a lift. It is heart warming to sit here and write about not only the win, but such a good performance - I like it and it MUST continue!!



  • At 12:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    GREAT result and in encouraging style. We have a tough run-in towards the end of the season - let's hope we can hit it on a high and on the back of a string of results in the next few matches! Also potentially great news reported in NOTW, that the Parrett deal could be worth £3m over the next couple of years! OK, this is was Gregory's first outing for his team, with his new boys - let's hope everyone can keep it together!
    U RRRRRRs...!!

  • At 1:28 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    thanks 2loftus

    as you say, the important thing now is to continue to build from yesterday

  • At 6:28 pm, Blogger bobo said…

    Finally, whew, I was having images of our horrific run that started last February. Good news to get all three points and even better with how the other struggling teams fared.

    Great to see the Bolder played so well. So far I'm really liking the guys that JG has picked up, hopefully the Rs will be the tough guys still there at the end of the season.

    Fantastic writeup as always Lofty.


  • At 9:01 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Thanks Bob, glad you like it!

    The new boys did ever so well and I am positive. They seem to have given the club a lift, as well as Gaz and Rowly coming back is also like 2 extra signings!!

  • At 8:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Steve Lomas
    What a player I was and have been giving him stick over the last few weeks but I must say it was a well taken goal and I was please to eat my words,

    I still think his passing lets him down for such a seasoned player.
    As for the 1-4-1-3-1 or 1-10 ?? The new boys played well Bolder (aka Gaz) I know need my eye tested but 2 players in midfield both 110% . Culip was good and talked as much as me?

    It was a great report Lofty well done (I missed goals on TV) Out shopping look for brown points so I can do next DCTH gig great night too.

    The new M Rose.(aka Corp)

  • At 6:31 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Thank you the new Rosey hahahaha! ;-)

    You make sure you keep getting those brownie points mate, cos it's great to see you out!!

    Rock On \m/

  • At 9:56 pm, Blogger Rodneeee said…

    Hi Lofty,
    yes a great win & a good performance, what a big diference a win and 3 points make huh !
    To be honnest I thought we looked a little disjointed with the new formation for first 10 mins or so, then it gradually began to gel.
    I thought all three new lads played well, Boulder certainly bought the best out of Lomas and Timoska is going to be 'Monster' for us,and so will Cullip.
    However,trying to keep my feet on the ground and we not forget that Burnley are rock bottom of the championships current form table with just one point from last six games. Southend are doing rather better recently and have had some good results of late so lets see how we do on Friday.

    Onwards & Upwards
    Come on you R's

  • At 5:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Lofty:
    Been on holiday in NZ and Oz so only was able to get the results not a write up. Must say I was down in the dumps after the Luton and Barnsley results, but sitting at Sydney airport yesterday I thought it was a misprint when I saw the 3-1 result over Burnley. Could not wait to get back to read your reports. Great stuff as alway's, good to hear our new additions played so well, but I am confused by a comment by 2Loftus regarding Parrett, any information you can give me?

    Brian in Reno

  • At 9:12 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Thanks Brian, and I hope you had a nice holiday.

    As for Dean Parrett, basically, he was sold to Spurs last week for £2 million. He is going straight into Spurs youth academy.

    A shame to lose a promising youngster, but unbelieavable money for a 15 year old eh?


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