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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not Good Enough...

England 0-0 Algeria

Welcome back to LH's look at England's progress in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, a feature that may well be ending a lot sooner than any of us thought or indeed, hoped...

Well, where on earth do I begin here? I am sure that many of you reading this would have seen last night's game and are as disappointed or disgusted as I am with England's latest showing. Wheras I tried to stay upbeat and stay positive with the 1-1 draw against USA, I simply cannot defend what I saw last night and I hate to admit it, I think we will be on our way home following next Wednesday's decider with Slovenia.

Amazingly, England can still win the Group and qualify or the last 16, but things will have to change and improve drastically for this to happen. In my opinion, the ONLY England players to come out of last night's game with any sort of credit were Gareth Barry and Glenn Johnson.

As expected, the newspapers today are not good reading and there is a lot of focus on Wayne Rooney's outburst to a TV Camera in light of the booing from the tens of thousands of England fans in the stadium...

'it's nice to see your home fans booing, that's what loyal support is...'

Seriously, Wayne, after a performance like that and you are no exception, what do you expect??? No, I don't normally codone booing, but I must admit, if I was in the stadium last night, I would have found it extremely hard not to. There has been a lot of talk also of Wayne Rooney's performances and the questions being asked are - is he injured? is he not happy with something? Or is it simply burnout following a long season? Either way, it's a worry and something will need to be done before next Wednesday.

Elsewhere and the World Cup has slowly started to gather some pace and things will soon become exciting with the final round of group games looming. We have now seen everyone play and there have been many surprises along the way, what with one of the favourites, Spain, being beaten by Switzerland and the stand out team from the first round of matches, Germany, being beaten by Serbia. The Brazilians were in action last Tuesday and stuttered to a 2-1 win over North Korea, but looked excellent in patches of that game. The stand out teams as we currently stand are Argentina and Holland. Maradona's side beating South Korea 4-1 in their second game and Holland beating Japan in the early game this morning. The hosts, South Africa look sadly doomed now following their 3-0 defeat at the hands of Uruguay. As indeed, do France who were soundly beaten by the Mexicans in their second game...

See you next week!! Come on England, we need to sort it out, put the champs down, PULL YOUR FINGER OUT!!!!!


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