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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The LH Awards 2005/2006

Player of the Year - Gareth Ainsworth

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Runner Up - this was a tough decision - Simon Royce

Young Player of the Year - Scott Donnelly

Goal of the Season - Lee Cook versus Norwich away. Rowlands away at Crewe a close second!

Best Ground Visited - Sheffield United, the result clinched it!

Worst Ground Visited - Cardiff City

Best Home Game - Norwich 3-0

Best Away Game - Sheffield United 2-3. Although Derby was a close second.

Comedy Classic Moment of the Season - well this was the toughest award of all with so many to choose from...

The X Factor moment at Swindon Services
The Big Squeeze - in PK's car coming home from Derby
The Classic Contest between Lofty and DJ on the way home from Plymouth
As soon ago as March, we were still talking about making the play offs!!

The Winner - a recent fans survey asked who would you like to go out for a date with?

Kylie Minogue or a star from your football team?

Now I will say first that DJ won this competition amongst the gang. We thought maybe it was that he was the only one of us (at the time) to have a QPR tattoo. But the secret was revealed, quite publically, on the old Lofty Heights. DJ not only would prefer a date with one of the players than Kylie - he also named the player - Gareth Ainsworth.

Rock and Roll!!!

thanks to DJ for the photo



  • At 5:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Your awards I agree with GA top man its good to see that your awards are on player’s season’s performance I think he has been the most constant player well done.

  • At 7:27 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Thanks Corp...

    so many times last season, GA looked like he was playing the opposition on his own!

    9 goals is also a fantastic return from midfield, no over midfielder got close.

  • At 9:21 am, Blogger D.J. said…

    Good choice of awards lofty. ainsworth was deserving of the award and really should have been given the official player of the season award. Although i would have picked the derby game as best away game (only because i didnt go to sheff unt)i am sure that was the right decision. Not to sure about the comedy award winner, i still think ainsworth is a good nite out :)

  • At 11:37 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    thanks DJ. Derby was a classic, but for me, just has to be Sheff Utd... they went up too and we took 6 points off them, can't be bad!

    As for the comedy winner, well o be truthful, Kylie really doesn't do anything for me as such ;), but given the choices we had, it also had to be!!


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