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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Tough Start...

So, the eagerly awaited fixtures for the new season are out today, and Rangers are to start with a tough away game at Burnley - not only tough on the players, but on the fans too!!

In fact, looking further down the list, it certainly seems a lot tougher on the supporters this time, with untold amounts of difficult midweek games for fans to get too - Barnsley, Leeds, Derby for example. But it's not just tough for us, with Leeds and Sunderland coming to Loftus Road for midweek games!

Other games of note, are that we are away yet again on Boxing Day, to Birmingham! Our planned weekend to Southend looks like it will be a cold one, being in February - but at least that's a Saturday.

Better news, is the Preston game(which normally means a weekend spent in Blackpool), is in, hopefully sunny, August. And finally, for the first time since Palace in 1999, we are home on the final day... to Stoke!



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