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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat...

West Brom 3-3 QPR

The scoreline will probably tell you what a game this was! The report will follow later after I have got my breath back...

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  • At 9:57 am, Anonymous SB said…

    great result, although my mate at the game said that defensively we were awful in the 1st half & not much better in the 2nd.

    When Nygaard got the equaliser, it looked on Sky Sports News as though he cold shouldered the fans and shrugged Gallen away from him. Has he got the hump with the negative reaction from the fans recently?

  • At 12:07 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    cheers SB

    well, I spend far too long going on about our defences frailties, so I will just concentrate on the positives for this game, seeing as it was such a great result!!

    As for Nygaard, well he got an awful reception when he came on, but that may have something to do with Blackstock going off, who knows? As many know, he is not my favourite martian... but as I said, who cares this time? ;)

  • At 12:29 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    You called it Lofty: Tough team = good performance from the Rs! Great result. It has been a long time since we've had Royce, Gallen and Nygaard all healthy.

    If Nygaard is mad at the fans then I say "Let's keep on him!" If he needs a chip on his shoulder to stay motivated and get out there an score goals then I say we boo him everytime he comes out of the tunnel. (Then give him a polite golf clap when he scores.)

    A tip of the hat to Gregory for picking a team that was clearly not the fan's choice but which went out there and fought and picked up a great away point against a very good team.

  • At 6:10 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    indeed bobo, and that was what so pleasing - they fought for the point :)


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