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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day We'll Easily Forget........

On Sunday the R's travelled to Chelsea in hope of performing the double over our London rivals as we all had our champagne on ice hoping for a dream result. 
The Lofty Heights gang assembled in hope.

 We all managed to gather everyone up at Hammersmith tube station in the Costa at the back of the tube station. Jess and myself arrived first, followed by Lofty and PK, then Sam and Luke turned up (slightly hungover it's safe to say) and then finally Jointy came in to say hello before myself and PK grabbed a quick pasty from the legendary West Cornwall Pasty Co. shop and then hit the tube. Destination Fulham Broadway.
We arrived and all you was greeted by was the Chelsea vs Bayern Munich merchandise and people advertising travel and tickets for the game, as if any them are going to actually bother going when its on tv??? Ok maybe some of the loyal Chelsea fans will but the others will happily sit in their armchairs. We arrived in the ground with about half an hour to spare. PK decided to leave his representation of Chelsea in the toilets before we enjoyed a quick beer and made our way to our seat in relative optimism.

Mark Hughes was forced into two changes from the side that beat Spurs last Saturday. Adel Taarabt missed out through suspension after his red card and Samba Diakite missed out through illness. Their replacements were Akos Buzsaky and Djibril Cisse.

The first half summary is very simple.

Sturridge scored in the first minute

The racist thug scored in the 13th minute

Torres scored two more in the 19th and 25th minutes

At half time we were shell shocked, we really did not know what had hit us. The formation was clearly wrong and Cisse was wasted on the left wing, the sooner he was employed in his centre forward position the better, even if it was to make the score more respectable. Despite our loyalty all of us considered at some point when that fourth goal went in, however we did stay to support the club we love.

The second half started a lot brightly for the R's but after a better 19 minutes, Torres scored the fifth. At this point Lofty,PK and Jenson had seen enough and left. Malouda scored the sixth on the 80th minute and for myself, Jess, Sam and Luke that was enough. Having got near the tube station we heard that Cisse scored a mere consolation.

As a rule none of us leave a game early, the last time I can remember it happening was away at Watford six or seven years ago when we were losing 3-0 with 65 minutes gone. We even sat through the 5-0 defeat at Nottingham Forest until the end, it was probably the best away game of that season, yes a game that Paul Hart was in charge of was entertaining! Well it was down to the fans and their sense of humour, that's what I love about this club. I'm not going to dwell on the defeat, we got what we deserved from our performance in the first half.
We now need to look forward to Sunday and ensure we get three points against Stoke to enhance our survival chances. Well that is of course if Spurs do us a massive favour on Wednesday and beat Bolton, please let the gods be kind to us for once!!

There's no match of the match nominations, the person that deserves it however is the person that started the Christine Bleakley looks like a horse song, legendary. After that song it's reported that Christine was deeply saddened by the chant, however she is in a 'stable' condition. Ok it was a poor joke but at least I can end this report by making you smile.

Lofty will be back on Sunday, hopefully with good news!!

Be safe and keep the faith!!

U R'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • At 11:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    we can just put this down to Chelsea oozing confidence and us getting caught cold. Diakite might have made a difference, but we must forget it and look forward. We must beat Stoke and we will. This will go to the last game. It may involve several teams, Wigan, Bolton even Villa. We can still do it. Keep the faith and back the team, there is no other option. I will curse Torres for his timing of a renaissance forever. 4-4-2 against Stoke and positive. Taarabt and Diakite back in. Buszarky and Derry on the bench. And keep trying to score even if we go 1 up. We must be positive and brave. Come on u RRRRRRRsss


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