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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lofty Heights Awards 2012

As promised by Lofty in his Stoke report the Lofty Heights awards are here with some more weird and wonderful awards from what has been an eventful journey in our first season back in the Premier League.

With Neil Warnock starting off as our manager, taking us to Goodison Park and securing our first win in the Premier League before pushing Manchester City to the limit in the 3-2 defeat and then slowly tumbling down the table until Tony Fernandes and the board felt fit to make a change and bring in Mark Hughes to freshen things up and try to change the clubs fortunes. An incredible run has seen us go into the final game of the season with our destiny in our own hands, at least a draw against Man City will secure our Premier League status, if we fail then we will be praying for Bolton to not win at Stoke. Either way we have not done things the easy way or the hard way, we have done this the QPR way. R's fans are always left on the edge of their seats and never really know if the genius' in our team will come to light or whether we'll press the self destruct button, as we have done on many occasions with our ridiculous amount of red cards accumulated. 

Anyways, enough of the refelction, lets get on with the awards.

LH Player of the Season -  Clint Hill picked up the majority vote whilst Jess and PK voted for Jamie Mackie

LH Away Day of the Season - Up until the Man City game it was Stoke away but after the emotions of Sunday and avoiding relegation and celebrating with Man City winning the title and enjoying the friendly atmosphere afterwards it was a day to remember for all the right reasons.

LH Best Home Game of the Season - Liverpool at home was a pivotal moment in our season and gained just one more vote than Chelsea at home.

LH Goal of the Season - Tommy Smith vs Wigan

LH 'Lets go absolutely mental and hug everyone' celebration of the season - This was a close one but it has to be when the second goal went in at the Etihad the whole away end erupted. Again at the final whistle the celebrations between the QPR and Man City fans was just amazing, I've never been to a game of football where both teams left the ground feeling as happy as we all did. This was followed by the moment when Cisse scored the last minute goal against Stoke Loftus Road absolutely erupted. A close third was Liverpool when Cisse scored the second and Mackie grabbing a late winner left us all nursing bruises that lasted for nearly a week.

LH Fan of the Year - Lofty. He only missed one away day all year and that was not because he wanted to miss it.

The Geographical Genius of the Year - This has to go to Luke for his comment of "Is Wigan Pier near the Sea??" Wigan is only 25 miles away from the coast but you was close.......

The Strongest Bladder Award - This really is a no contest! Jess holds the record for asking to stop twice on the A14 at two separate garages within ten minutes. Jess also used the toilet at each Premier League ground at least twice. We will be calling in the Guiness Book of Records next year to see if she can beat this feat.

The Accidental Massacring of a Pheasant Award - Lee. On our way to Norwich the journey to Carrow Road will be remembered for two reasons. Firstly I picked up a speeding ticket but just before a mobile camera caught me I had "accidentally" beheaded/squashed and made a pheasant explode into a ball of feathers and leaving its sorry self laid on the road side ready to be a roadkill dinner for some lucky person. I tried to miss it.... honest.

The Most Eventful Season - Sam wins this hands down. Sam attended the first five games of the season before taking time out to give birth to two beautiful baby boys, Noah and Louie, and then returning to the terraces just two weeks later to see us lose at Anfield.

The Latecomer of the Year - This crown has been successfully defended once again by California Hoop. California Hoop has not been so bad this year but his second half arrival during a game this season has sealed the deal for a third year in a row.

Corporate Fan of the Year - This again usually is a once sided affair but Corp has been pushed to the limit this year by Jenson. Corp just about wins the title this year as he has attended more away games in the Corporate boxes but Jenson will be looking to gain the award next season.

The Connect 4 Champion - Goes to PK as he defeated all comers during the recent night out after the Tottenham game.

The Soppy Hat of the Year Award - Lofty started the soppy hat trend at the Aston Villa game at the beginning of February and with the weather taking a nice turn earlier than usual, the trend did not spread very far, however watch this space next year as I feel Lofty could bring a few surprises our way with his choice of headgear.

The Away Day Sleeper of the Year - Luke very rarely lasts more than ten minutes..... I mean in terms of staying awake, when being a back seat passenger to away games. A record of just leaving the driveway was set on our ridiculously early trip to Wigan at the beginning of the season.

The 'Enjoying the Teacups at Alton Towers whilst at the Brittania Stadium' Award - At our Stoke away trip Smithy went off to find a pub before getting into the ground and ended up tagging himself, Lofty and Jenson on the teacups. One of those 'you had to be there' entertaining moments.

The 'I'm on Holiday when I should be at QPR' Award - Jenson has missed numerous games this year due to being away on holiday in Cyprus, Las Vegas and Tenerife this season.

The Ticket Tout of the Year Award - This goes to PK after being unfortunate enough to miss games through the duty of work and had no choice in missing those games. All tickets were successfully sold.

The Prediction King - Lofty retained his 'I Know the Score' title for the second year running. Well done sir

The Fanstasy Football Queen - Jess in her first Fantasy Football year won the Lofty Heights league, but only just!!

That concludes the awards for this year.

I wish you all well during the summer, at least more football is around the corner to entertain us with the Euro's starting in 4 weeks time.

We all await eagerly for the 18th June when the fixtures for the 2012/13 season get released, I cannot wait!!!!

Have a brilliant summer and we will see you all here again soon!

U R'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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