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Sunday, August 20, 2006

So Last Year...

Preston 1-1 QPR

From start to finish, this was just all too familiar. As per last season, there was a trip to Blackpool for the gang to coincide with the visit to Deepdale - and not only did the game have the same scoreline as last season, it had the same referee and the same heartbreak for Rangers fans with a late Preston equaliser. The only difference this time, is that we finally got to visit the National Football Museum.

It all started so well for Rangers when Ainsworth cleverly volleyed in a knock down from a Lee Cook corner to put us one up. Rowlands went off injured after 15 minutes, but Rangers continued to dominate and create chances. Preston started to come into the game late in the first half and created two excellent opportunities.

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The second half largely belonged to Preston as it seemed Rangers looked to protect what they had got. But attack after attack was comfortably being dealt with by Rehman and Stewart at the back. Rangers were breaking sporadically, but you just couldn't help feeling that an equaliser was on the cards... and on 87 minutes it came. Paul McKenna produced a moment of magic (sorry!) to head home a cross from the left.

I along with many others in the Rangers end, would have certainly taken a draw at the start of the game, but you just couldn't help being disappointed. To be fair, Preston probably deserved the point, but it was another case of what might have been?

QPR: P Jones, Milanese, Stewart, Rehman, Rose, Ainsworth (Baidoo 90), Ward, Rowlands (Lomas 10), Cook, R Jones (Gallen 86), Blackstock Subs: Cole, Kanyuka

Gang: Lofty, PK, DJ and Special Guests Gobi and Corinne

Lofty's Man of The Match - Zesh Rehman

Awayday Moments - the night out in Blackpool, the visit to the Footy Museum, the classic table football clash (Lofty 4-1 DJ) and not forgetting, the mention of Gaz's band - Dog Ate The Spoon!



  • At 9:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well done Lofty good report sound's like great weekend Rangers need to push for 2nd goal.But like you said 1 Point better than none.
    Its god to see Rangers playing nice football Waddo's new players are showing some good tohch's,


  • At 10:07 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Cheers Corp,

    It was a great weekend, and all things considered, a good away point. But it just goes to show, that Rangers can go to these places and get a good result. If home form stays good as it is now, it could be an interesting season... I know its early days, but going down? Naaaaaaaah :)

  • At 10:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    well lofty it was a good weekend, and i must confess that i was a bit concerned about how i was going to get home afterwards so i thought i better let you win the deciding game :) The draw was a fair result in the end even though the lateness of the goal (again) was a choker. Still the team carry on looking better and better so there is a lot to take positives from. Hey and even cookie made a challenge saturday (first time in three years i think). My only concerns are once again we lost the midfield once rowlands went of injured, and out of the 5 goals we have scored so far this season only one has come from a striker, we do need the forwards to start weighing in with goals.


  • At 11:15 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    oh I see, all the excuses are coming out now. Well, whatever the outcome was with the table football, I know that I played all the football and skill, rather than just randomly spinning the bar and cheating - which I think all your goals came from ;P

    As for your concerns, yes, losing Rowly again did force the R's to lose shape. But sadly, I think he looks like he could be a bit of a 'Matty Rose' in that respect, so it's something we should be looking to deal with. As for the forwards, well I think once one goes in, the goals will come... not forgetting also that Nygaard and Furlong will be available at some point to support the younger lads - I hope!!!

  • At 1:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for not mentioning any names about the moron who re-named gaz's band! Think the new name is better... maybe we should put it to the vote!?

  • At 1:42 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    oh don't you worry, that had me giggling for ages and I am loving the new name.

    I will have a word with Gaz, see what he thinks? ;P


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