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Monday, September 18, 2006

Wad Do You Do??

I grew up in the era when Gary Waddock was strutting his stuff in the Rangers midfield. He is a hero of mine and a Rangers legend without a doubt. I was also delighted when he took over our beloved Club last season and have given him my full support. I have read the message boards, argued with mates etc in support of our Manager.

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But after the Colchester debacle, I really am in two minds. I mean, the stats speak for themselves:

Under Waddock - Played 23, Won 4, Drawn 9, Lost 10

There you go, we escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth last season and we are now sitting at the bottom of the Championship with just 8 games gone.

Fair enough, he publically wanted to be judged on 'his' team. His team are now bottom off the league. The pre season schedule was a joke, along with the shambles that was the Italian tour. Wholesale changes have been made throughout the Club, along with transfer listed players currently playing in the first team squad.

Anyway, just a few thoughts I thought I would share. Basically, it is obvious that something is not right at QPR and it needs sorting out, and soon!!

For those who didn't know, this is our worst league start to the season since 1998 when Ray Harford lasted just 9 games. Bryan Robson went today and his record isn't nearly as bad.

Personally, I don't think Waddock will be around much longer either and the reputation of a Rangers legend will be ruined forever. But are matters on the pitch all that is wrong at QPR at the moment...

Comments appreciated.



  • At 8:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Totally agree wad is wrong at QPR i think there is more than just the coaching problem to me over here in NZ i get the feeling that the boardroom is not functioning well. But were do we go? who is going to buy us or invest in us and then why would you with a struggling club? I love rangers and will support them till i die but please someone get rid of Paldini and co and lets get back up where we belong. Come on you rssssssssssssss

    Phil Ozanne

  • At 11:27 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    Waddock was thrust into a bad situation and his desire to be a manager and to take the Rs forward blinded him. He hoped that he could instill in the this team the same passion that he had as a player, that he could make it all right by bringing in his players that would play the game his way. Not enough time has passed to see if that can happen, but it obviously looks bad.

    What now? The chairman gave the club a black eye among any possible new managers with the way he handled Ollie's departure, we spent the money from Big Dan's transfer and now we are staring up the table at teams like Colchester.

    What is killing me is the silence. Nothing on the offish. I can't believe the chairman has NOTHING to say about this. Not a word. Plenty to say about pre-season tours, new shirt deals, etc. but not a word of support for his manager or his team?

    Only one way to start I guess, beat Port Vale tomorrow!! Come on!!

  • At 10:03 am, Anonymous SB said…

    I never thought I say this, but time to bring in John Gregory as manager & maybe Jim Smith as a coach.

    John Gregory has lots of dodgy stories about him from his time at Derby, but people forget how he got Villa playing good & successful football. An ex player, and a good soundbite as well, plus he is mates with Paladini (who lets face it is not going to relinquish the reins just yet).

  • At 11:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There is something definatly wrong at the club. The constant rumours about financial troubles and boardroom infighting has left an air of mistrust between the supporters and the board. The only way to bring this under control is to get all the backroom staff on the same team and for paladini to come out and tell us exactly what the short term and long term plans for the club are going to be. Although this is easier said than done.

    On the pitch we have players on the transfer list being used in key positions, Of those Bircham has come out fighting for his place at last, while others like Lomas were embarassing when given the chance. Unortunatley Waddock has alienated some of the players but for the sake of the club they need to show the spirit sadly lacking since Holloway went.

    The defence has not had any organisation at all during set pieces, with nobody talking to each other only bickering amongst themselves.

    Despite personal opinions perhaps, as SB said john gregory could come in but perhaps as a director of football to assist Waddock on the pitch.

    Waddock's work with the youth team and Mcdonalds work with Northern ireland show they do know how to run a football team but they need to get the players behind them quick otherwise they wont be able to prove it to the QPR Supporters.


  • At 5:12 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    I must be truthful, I expected a bit of a backlash from this post... but the 4 comments so far (thanks guys) have all been in agreement.

    It is funny that since Holloway went public a couple of weeks ago, the one major concern I now have is that how much clout does Waddock have?

    I mean, I don't think it's at all right that a manager has no say in the players brought into a club that he is expected to manage...


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