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Saturday, August 08, 2009

QPR Held at Home as Season Begins...

QPR 1-1 Blackpool

A rare if not a tad fortunate goal from Peter Ramage, earned Rangers a share of the points and it was the least we deserved, as the new season began at Loftus Road.

Well, firstly I will say how great it was to be back, but there was definitely a feeling of 'same old Rangers' about things, as PK went to LR this morning to pick up mine and his duplicate season tickets, as they had not been delivered and judging by the size of the queue outside the box office, we were certainly not the only ones...

Other than that, all went smoothly and the gang, including Mick, DJ, PK, Corp, Leeroy, Sam, Justin, Sophie, myself and California Hoop, or should I say, 'Greybeard', descended on the Springbok for our pre match entertainment and from here, we got in the ground in plenty of time to pay our respects to the late, Bobby Robson, R.I.P.

Moving onto the game itself and again, it was another feeling of 'same old Rangers'. The football was good and chances were aplenty - the best when Routledge breezed past Stephen Crainey and sent in a low cross towards Heidar Helguson, who scuffed a shot against the crossbar. But on 38 minutes, the R's were left cursing their missed chances when a long ball into the box was laid off by Gary Taylor-Fletcher to Burgess, who fired through Borrowdale's legs and into the bottom corner.

Blackpool had obviously come for a draw and in the second half, were happy to protect what they had as the R's dominance continued. Rachubka saved Fitz Hall's looping header and Angelo Balanta's attempt to force home the rebound was blocked. Akos Buzsaky and Rowan Vine came off the bench and Buzsaky went close with a long-range free-kick.

But as the game went on, Rangers seemed to struggle to break down Blackpool and were dealt another blow when skipper Rowlands - recently back from knee ligament damage - hobbled off with another injury, which unfortunately, although not confirmed, is reported to be quiet serious.

As time ticked on, it looked that it was wasn't going to be Rangers day when Vine hopelessly shot wide after substitute Patrick Agyemang's left-wing cross found him in space. But the goal finally came on 86 minutes when Ramage received the ball on the right and his cross, come shot, found it's way past the keeper and into the net and Loftus Road erupted.

It was no more than the R's deserved as we then went in search of a winner, but couldn't find their way past a stubborn Blackpool defence for a second time and the points were shared.

QPR: Cerny, Ramage, Mahon, Hall, Routledge, Helguson (Vine 56), Gorkss, Rowlands (Agyemang 60), Balanta (Buzsaky 56), Borrowdale, Taarabt. Subs not used: Putnins, Stewart, Connolly, Ephraim.

Lofty's Man of the Match - Peter Ramage

In summary, despite the disappointment of the result, the effort and performance was pretty good and Rangers kept plugging away against a hard working Blackpool side. But for the third time, I will mention the 'same old' thing, as our lack of a striker again was evident for all to see. But all in all, it was a half decent game with plenty of good football from QPR and I refuse to be negative just yet.

The gang and I finished welcoming in the new season with a visit to our old haunt, the British Queen for a good few drinks before we went on our merry way. It's good to be back...


  • At 11:54 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    Indeed, same old thing. How many reports last year could you copy and paste from with classic lines like, "Rangers dominated for long stretches" and "Helguson went wide from close range."

    I'm looking for a silver lining. Any tasty new delicacies for sale? Upgrades to the grounds that suprised and delighted?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for the captain and hope he just felt a scary twinge coming back.


  • At 7:32 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    thanks bobo and yes, a BIG fingers crossed for Rowly!!

    And yes, the food situation is much improved, with(although I didnt have one), Pukka pies have returned. But what I did have, after sampling last week, was the beef yorkshire wrap - very nice too, although at 3.50 is a tad expensive...

  • At 2:50 pm, Blogger Bobo said…

    Phew, just read this up on the offish about Rowly, "It's not serious at all, but we'll monitor him over the next few days and get him back on the training pitch as soon as possible."

    Good news indeed since there were fears that it was much more serious.


  • At 6:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Lofty, looking forward to your reports during the season ahead - again thanks for your hard work. Sad you and others have to make the same comments about the absence of adequate strikers, yet again. Wonder how long it will take for the Euro to drop before Briatore et al understand that without quality finishers up front, the R's are unlikely to reach their target of the Premiership.

    Hoping for a miracle or a really good couple of strikers, yours, South Coast Ranger


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