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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Luck from the Black Cats...

QPR 1-2 Sunderland

Firstly, an apology for this report being later than the norm. But trying to sum this one up quickly would have probably kept me up until the early hours of this morning - and believe it or not, I do work for a living and need my sleep like everyone else ;)

To the neutrals, a 2-1 defeat would probably suggest that this was a pretty close game... don't you believe it! Sunderland were well worth their win and if they were wearing their shooting boots, the scoreline could have been a lot less flattering! Credit must also go to the travelling support. I have often wondered, especially this season, who on earth arranges these fixtures and would force fans to travel from the North East of England on a cold Tuesday night? So a turn out of 2,500 plus Mackems was impressive to say the least, although the noise level from the away end wasn't so impressive.

Another disappointment on the night, was to find that the game was being refereed by Uriah Rennie. I don't often go on about the officials on these pages, but this was yet again another shocking display! A display which shows exactly why he has been removed from Premiership duties. Sadly, the officials had a major impact on tonight's outcome, firstly, Sunderland's opening goal(from Murphy) which looked a mile offside - not only provoking an angry reaction from the players, but the supporters too! Not that I am condoning the actions of the idiots who decided to pelt the linesman with bottles! Also, the decision to rule out Blackstock's header, for offside, minutes later.

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Ironically, do these idiots realise that the incident led to 5 minutes of stoppage time at the end of the first half - the last of which saw Leadbitter scored Sunderland's second goal??

Rangers were always going to be up against it from there on in and despite Ray Jones pulling a goal back on 73 minutes, Sunderland went on to miss an open goal and hit the post. Incredibly, we could have stolen a draw as Nick Ward brought a fine save out of Davis in the final minute.

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QPR: Royce, Bignot, Rehman, Ward, Gallen, Rowlands, Cook (Jones 46), Stewart, Blackstock (Furlong 81), Smith, Mancienne. Subs: Cole, Bailey, Nygaard.

Lofty's Man of the Match - Martin Rowlands

If you take away the performance of the Officials, there are no complaints about the result. Sunderland were by far the better team on the night and look a good, strong side under Roy Keane. Rangers showed plenty of fight and passion of which plenty more will be needed in the weeks ahead, but it just wasn't our night.

I must just mention how great it was to see Paul Furlong make his long awaited comeback from the bench on 81 minutes. Welcome Back Furs!!

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  • At 10:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very entertaining that one mate, nice work.

    the thing about posting the next day is that you get your reflection and I think it works really well.

    Nothing more I can say as I wasn't at the game but a good read :)


  • At 10:44 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    It's a good job I didn't post last night or would have been a scathing attack on referees!!

    Thanks BWood

  • At 11:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great stuff as always Lofty. What did you think of my main man, Simon Royce? He really took a blasting after the match with a number of people saying that he has been too tentative the past couple of games.

    Sunderland really dominated and I find it hard to believe that even having Petr Cech in goal would have saved the day for the Rs but I'm wondering how it looked from your angle.



  • At 6:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good report Lofty.

    To be honest we did not deserve anything on the night as that was probaly the worse i have seen us play for a while.

    The thing that annoyed me is that once again the officials have given us a reason to blame them rather than the performance as the decsions for the first goal especially and blackstocks "goal" was diabolical.

    Anyway hopefully 3 points from Palace and we can carry on looking up the table rather than behind us.


  • At 7:09 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Cheers Bobo and DJ

    Bobo: You will get no complaints from me about Simon Royce. Against Cov I feel he did hesitate and made it easy for Adebola to pick his target - but we all make mistakes, some more than others this season! But being a keeper, he will always be in the firing line as he is the last man of defence. Roycey is a good, solid, keeper who we have been indebted to on more than one occasion!

    DJ: I agree that we didn't deserve anything on the night and this 'home' form is becoming a worry! However, I don't think (personally) that it was nessacarily a bad performance, but more like Sunderland's superiority. They gave a 'Roy Keane' type display and gave us no time on the ball and simply didn't let us play! I have no doubt whatsoever that we will learn from this and bounce back - hopefully Sauturday!

    Thanks for the comments Guys!

  • At 12:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well done Lofty

    Your report was well worded and your point about officials was spot on I am glad you do your reports as always with your head and not your heart which I know has blue & white blood pumping thought it,
    I have couple of point to put in to the mix,
    1) Midfield we gave them to much time to pick passes,
    2) We were not winners tonight you know what I mean (1st to ball) or did not win any 2nd ball.
    We did look better when MR went on wide right and NW went wide left
    Gallen dropped in to centre midfield he did look a bit short of match fitness,

    Yes it was great to see PF back hope he can help with bringing the 2 young forwards on but you can’t take it away from RJ he is scoring for fun now and he does like it.

    Have you heard any thing about cookie was did he have a knock or was it tactical change?

    Keep up the good work mate 


  • At 1:27 pm, Anonymous Mackem Rob said…

    Yep our 2,500 were a bit quiet on Tuesday, not sure why. QPR is always a good trip for us, irrspective of it being a midweek game. We have 1000+ London members and most of them will have been there, along with the rest from the Northern Wastelands. Keano is just starting to get things settled, so bring on the transfer window.

  • At 6:58 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Thanks Rob,

    It is a pleasure to welcome the opposition to Lofty Heights. Your support was great and one of the best(if not THE) away followings this season.

    I think you looked a decent side and Keane has definitely made a difference! I think you will definitely be there or there abouts come the end of the season.

    Look forward to being at the Stadium of Light in April, and good luck for the rest of the season!!

  • At 7:05 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Corp: Thank You!!

    I agree with your points about the outcome, we were second best throughout the night!

    Also, I agree about Rowlands and Ward - Rowlands is more effective on the right, especially as we will be missing Mr A for a bit. Ward for me, had another disappointing outing. But his pass for Jones's goal shows that there is quality in there somewhere!

    I also agree about Jones, he is doing fantastically well. I think Furs coming back can only help the youngsters reach their full potential!

    As for Cookie, I have heard nothing other than it was a rib injury, sustained when Cov kicked him all over the pitch - hopefully, he will be fit for Palace!?

    Talking of which, you are back earning your nickname and eating Prawn Sandwiches on Saturday are you not? ;)

  • At 10:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I have 2 offers this saturday for freebie's not sure yet which one to take up?


  • At 11:00 am, Blogger LOFTY said…

    hmmm, and none have come our way?

    I shall remember when Mr A nexts hands out the comps ;)

  • At 11:44 am, Anonymous Mackem Rob said…

    Thanks Lofty . . . you guys will do fine this season - we caught you on a off day on Tuesday. Good luck this weekend . . mackem Rob

  • At 11:50 am, Anonymous SB said…

    good summing up. Thought Rowly was disappointing - he should have had Bailey in there alongside Rowly to shore things up in the middle.

    Kavanagh regularly appears in my QPR nightmares, but even I have to acknowledge what a quality player he is. He was one of the reasons we were so overran in MF.

    See you at the Palace!


  • At 7:05 pm, Blogger LOFTY said…

    Cheers SB

    Have to agree with what you say about Kavanagh, a quality player!


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